Understanding how content fuels the foundation of your digital marketing strategy can have a significant impact on the success of your efforts. There are a few ways to strategically maximize your strengths which will improve your reach, generate more traffic and increase sales.  When marketing your products and services, you must consider every component to determine how they will work in conjunction with other pieces of the plan for effective results.

Although a digital marketing strategy focuses on online and mobile devices, the rules of marketing remain the same. A good digital marketing strategy integrates product, place, price and promotion while including:

An Engaging Website

Your website is the focal point of your marketing efforts, which are supported by the other tactics used to engage customers. Your website should be interactive, engaging and responsive with consistency across devices for maximum results. Your users should be able to engage with phones, laptops and tablets with the same experience.

Measurable Campaigns

Your campaigns must be measurable on a number of levels – conversion rate, click rate, open rate and other metrics that will help you determine which tactics are most effective.

Email Marketing

Effectively, email marketing reaches your audience through visually stimulating graphics, catchy titles and relevant content. According to a recent survey, email was ranked as the most effective of all digital tactics for building awareness, acquisition, retention and conversion.

Social Media Platforms

Social media must be a part of any successful digital marketing strategy. Using a number of social media platforms helps your brand in establishing a voice while providing a way to connect with peers, current and future customers. It is cost-effective and utilizes all your resources while keeping the budget within reason.

Relevant Content

There is no strategy without relevant content that will speak to the needs of your audience. Your content should be tailored for each specific audience and include variety, such as newsletters, blogs, whitepapers, videos, lists and other pieces that will engage, entertain and inform.

Using these components the right way can garner results that help you work smarter while being more productive. You can improve your content marketing by:

  • Using infographics
  • Planning and promoting your content
  • Writing content for your audience
  • Using tools that will streamline operations and optimize your content marketing reach

All of these elements work together to help you craft an effective digital marketing strategy that will achieve your desired results. A well-thought plan will help you work smarter as data, content and tactics continue to evolve in a changing global environment by maximizing your efforts, reducing challenges and preparing for the future.

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