“Getting the word out” isn’t really a great marketing strategy. In the era of over-saturation, getting the right word out to the right people is what counts. For a time, it was an effective marketing strategy to flood the web with low-quality, keyword-stuffed articles that could ensure that every Google search would point people to your page.

When developing new marketing strategies in 2015, it’s important to understand that when you contribute to the over-saturation of the web, that your content will be read as so much white noise.

Some may ask whether that’s really a problem. All of that content is bound to reach somebody, right? Well, how do you feel when you see an infomercial on TV at one in the morning?

First, you wish there was something good on. Then, you start thinking “If this product really worked, they wouldn’t be advertising it with infomercials.”

The wrong kind of content sends the wrong kind of message. Even well-written copy can hurt sales if it’s presented in the wrong context.

As with infomercials, it doesn’t matter if the product works, it doesn’t matter if Steven Spielberg directed it, the simple fact that it’s a two hour long commercial playing at one in the morning simply harms the brand in many cases.

Content curation is the simple process of pushing the content that works, and getting rid of the content that doesn’t.

The first step is to define “what works.” It doesn’t just mean getting views, shares, likes or retweets.

If people are sharing your content because it’s funny, but they’re not clicking through and buying anything from you, then what good is it doing you, and why are you wasting your money and your prospects’ time with it?

So let this be a mantra for 2015: Push what works, ax what doesn’t.