Media Shower

Media Shower provides clients with a steady flow of blog content along with promotional, link-building tools, with the overall goal of pushing you to the top of the search engine heap.

The site says the content is written by professional journalists and edited for search engine optimization and that it can be supplied automatically to your blog on a per-article basis or via a subscription plan.

You can also purchase those links on a per-link basis or go for the Pro subscription plan that keeps them coming consistently. The tool has been around since 1995, boasting big results from its well-written, optimized content that goes for quality rather than quantity — although huge quantities must most certainly be required to keep clients happy.

  • Four different plans are available to suit a wide range of needs.
  • The pay-per-article plan lets you buy content and inbound links piecemeal, priced at $49 per article and $99 per inbound link.
  • Other plans range up to about $2,000 per month, and they come with a set number of articles and inbound links as well as a variety of other promotions, reports and perks designed to produce a thriving, search-happy blog.

The focus on quality doesn’t necessarily mean a focus on specialized content.

The massive amount of content Media Shower provides is produced by general site writers. Each blog post nets authors a base rate of $25, regardless of the amount of research and expertise involved and regardless of the final word count.

Although all Media Shower content comes with visual accompaniment, the site’s photo collection is sorely lacking. A large writer pool constantly dips into the collection, resulting in the risk of photos being reused or a standard stock photo being stuck on your content, whether it’s truly relevant or not.

Learn more about Media Shower at the Tool Talk Event Wednesday May 13th at The Content Marketing Conference!