WriterAccess is all abuzz with talk of the Content Marketing Conference coming up this May 12-14. Marketing tools improve the focus and time vacuum of creating content, posting it to your various platforms and tracking the results.

The CMC Tool Talk event is going to highlight some of the best content marketing tools and provide you with tips and tricks for using them most effectively. Here are some important apps to keep you organized and focused on the exciting content shared during the conference:


No need for an old school rolodex when you have an app to store cards for you.

Use CamCard to snap pictures of all the new contacts from CMC 2015 and organize them conveniently right in your smartphone.


Take notes during your favorite conference sessions on marketing tools and techniques and save them for later with Evernote. This handy note-taking app even allows you to share your insights with peers, sharing your note documents through email or social media.


With a plane ride to and from the conference, it’s a great time to catch up on industry news. Save those articles you want to read for later through the Pocket app. Simply tell Pocket to save any articles you are interested in, and the app will have them available for offline use. This means you can read them on the plane or anywhere else you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or your network.


When you meet so many new people, it’s understandable you might have trouble remembering them all.

Keep track of your new networking leads with Humin, the app that organizes your contacts by industry, how you met, when you met, name and more.

Need to dig up a CMC 2015 contact in a few months, but can’t remember the name? Simple, just pull up your Humin and scroll through your contacts entered during the conference


If you want to schedule updates while you are at the conference or update multiple platforms simultaneously, Hootsuite will make your social media marketing efforts fast and easy.

Use the app to organize your various profiles and schedule your posts at the best time for your audience. This means you can continue to post reliably, even if you are actually in a conference talk when the content needs to go up.

Facebook Pages Manager

If your company has a Facebook page, check out the stats and update your content all in one place. The Facebook Pages Manager app makes it easy to make changes on the fly, even if you’re running around Vegas between conference sessions.


If you have a Twitter account for your company or for promoting yourself as a professional, then you should have the Twitter app on your smartphone. The Twitter app allows you to distribute tweets during the conference, live updating your followers and connecting with peers in attendance tagging the official conference handle @CMCa2z and tagging with #CMC15.