Full Agenda – 2015

May 13, 2015

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How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Content Marketing

WorkshopARNIE KUENN | CEO, Vertical Measures
Tuesday, May 13 10:10-11:00 AM
You totally buy in to the fact that content IS the new marketing – but the rest of your company is not as gung-go. Your executives just don’t get it. And they’re not about to approve the time and funds you need to me content marketing work. How can you present a compelling business case to them? How can you get approval for something beyond a 30-day test? Join the session and you’ll see:

  • Real case studies demonstrating the ROI for content marketing
  • Examples outlining how to craft your pitch to your boss
  • How to deal with objections
  • How to educate the executives on what content marketing is
  • How to prove the value of content marketing
Big Mistakes to Avoid Going Big with Content Marketing

WorkshopCRUCE SAUNDERS | Author, “Content Engineering”, Principal, Simple [A]
Tuesday, May 13 10:10-11:00 AM
You’re ready to get your feet wet with content marketing, but the vast sea of options is kind of freaking you out. Now you’re wondering how to avoid the big mistakes that can surely surface on your journey. Your initial move is to put the customer experience first, and the technology and content assets last. Only then can you sort out how to get the right assets to the right people at the right time, delivered in the right format that resonates well, looks great and performs again and again. Cruce will walk you through the content engineering process that achieves these goals, outlining how to avoid 17 common mistakes that could cost you millions in lost revenue and time. He’ll showcase new-age methodology used to select the best platform, hire the right players, define the roles and “engineer’ content marketing success. Top all that off with a handful of real-world examples, and you’ll be ready to secure the big budget with your boss to go big.

Must-Know Secrets from Bad-Ass Publishers

iconGREG JARBOE | President and Co-founder, SEO-PR
Tuesday, May 13 11:10-12:00 PM
Forward-thinking companies are thinking like old-school publishers: gather ideas, develop stories and publish a steady stream of content that engages readers and keeps them coming back for more. So what made the great publishers so great? Learn important lessons from William B. Ziff Jr., publisher of PC Magazine, PC Week and other widely read publications that broke the mold. Ziff-Davis editors didn’t write articles for the typical consumer or average business buyer. They carefully crafted content for “brand specifiers” and “volume buyers.” Greg Jarboe worked for Mr. Ziff and will share his mentor’s insights, which powered the growth of niche publications at a time when general-interest magazines were losing steam. In today’s multi-channel world of websites, blogs and social media sites, you can leverage these insights to reap ROI from this counter-intuitive approach to content marketing.

Creating Story-Driven Brand Experiences

WorkshopCARLA JOHNSON | Strategist. Speaker. Storyteller.
Tuesday, May 13 11:10-12:00 PM
We’re plunging into a new era of marketing, where creating value through story-driven experiences is key. Our role as marketers has shifted from describing products and services to understanding how to develop, manage and lead the creation of valuable experiences for audiences. Brands that rock the storytelling scene do so because they mastered the art of telling delightful, sustainable stories that capture the audience and make them want to know more. Story-driven experiences connect with people at the times, places and in ways that are relevant to them, help convert them into customers and can ultimately produce brand loyalists and evangelists. Find out why creating story-driven experiences is the magic strategy for enticing, engaging and enchanting audiences. Discover exactly how to create and tell a brand story without turning it into a sales pitch. Check out examples of brands that have rocked the storytelling scene.

How to develop an SEO Plan and Strategy in 30 Minutes or Less

IconMIKE ROBERTS | Founder and CEO, SpyFu, Inc.
Tuesday, May 13 1:30-2:00 PM
Session description coming soon.

10 Most Common SEO Mistakes and 10 SEO Tactics to Win

IconARNIE KUENN | CEO, Vertical Measures
Tuesday, May 13 1:30-2:00 PM
We’re a search-happy world. Ninety-three percent of all buyers, both online and in-store, hop on a search engine prior to making a purchase. And 86 percent of searchers conduct non-branded queries. People are hungry for useful information, and they want to feed that hunger pronto. Your website can take prime advantage of this fact if you understand how content marketing optimization works and what falls flat. Despite the murmurs you may have heard, the Internet is not a “build it and they will come” environment. This session teaches you what it takes to capture as much search engine real estate as possible, including:

  • The most common optimization mistakes we see
  • How to create and optimize content your prospects are looking for
  • Best types of content to create for search engines
  • How to protect yourself against future changes
Aim, Ready, Fire Case Study

IconLARRY KIM | Founder, WordStream
Tuesday, May 13 2:30-3:20 PM
We’re all itching for our content to go viral with likes, shares and mentions on all the authority sites. But that’s not likely to happen unless you understand who will help promote the content before you even begin creating it. If you can’t figure that one out in advance, the content may not be worth creating in the first place. Larry Kim will share a case study on how he generated 10,000 press pickups, 10 million unique visitors and media coverage galore, all by practicing a few tactics that will turn your content marketing on its head.

How to Make One of Those Insanely Viral Quizzes

IconOWEN FULLER | Chief Qwizard, Qzzr
Tuesday, May 13 2:30-3:20 PM
Quizzes continue to reign as some of the most-shared pieces of online content in any given month. What makes quizzes so hot? Owen Fuller will fill you in, sharing lessons he learned from reverse engineering an inhuman amount of viral quizzes on sites like Buzzfeed and Qzzr. He’ll teach the secrets Qwizards use to drive social traffic and leads, including the keys to optimizing quiz titles, questions, imagery, calls-to-action and outcomes. He’ll wrap by taking you on a personal tour of the hall-of-fame of quizzes that rock — and make the cash register ching.