A Diamond is Forever. 

Would you believe the above De Beers slogan has been around since 1947? Yep. Wouldn’t you love to have a brand message that’s equally as long-lasting, memorable—and effective? 

You most certainly can if you follow the tips outlined by Tamsen Webster in her CMC keynote: Pressure Test Your Message. (If you missed it live, you can catch the recording.)

As the opening speaker for Content Marketing Conference 2021, Tamsen outlined a four-point plan for putting your message through the wringer. If your message passes all phases of the test, there’s a good chance it will not only survive, but thrive.

The wringer tests if your message is:

  • Relevant
  • Resilient
  • Remarkable
  • Repeatable 

Relevant: It must keep attention by answering a question people have but don’t yet know the answer to.

Diamond example: How can I show my eternal love with a symbol beyond an ordinary ring? 

Resilient: It must create a moment of truth. In other words, it must make someone choose between what they want, what they believe, and what they do. 

Diamond example: I agree diamonds last forever. They’re the hardest substance on earth. But the circle of the ring has been the symbol of union, not necessarily the stone on it. But if we put the diamond on the ring, now we have a symbol that lasts DOUBLE forever! 

Remarkable: It must deliver what your audience wants in an unexpected way. Stick with everyday language. And summarize your message in a sentence with a maximum of 140 characters. 

Diamond example: Short. Sweet. And, at the time, it was unexpected to think of a diamond as a symbol of enduring love. 

Repeatable: Your audience must be able to repeat your message. It must be repeated in such a way that it doesn’t lose any relevance, resilience and remarkableness, of course. 

Diamond example: Easy to remember. Easy to repeat. No funky words. Nothing lost along the way. 

While “A Diamond is Forever” is taken, you can craft an equally powerful message—especially with the additional information and worksheets Tamsen serves up in her keynoteCMC 2021 runs from April 27 to 29. If you miss the live keynotes, their recordings will be posted shortly after their presentations. You also get a jam-packed agenda with more than 50 pre-recorded sessions from marketing pros covering the six pillars of content marketing. Join us now.