Sick of sifting through tons of online stuff to find trusted marketing experts that deliver the info you need? So were we. That’s why we’re bringing a batch of five of the hottest content marketers all together in one place: as our keynote speakers for this year’s Content Marketing Conference.

The experts are:  

  1. Tamsen Webster, Content Planning Keynote  
  2. Nancy Harhut, Content Creation Keynote 
  3. Andy Crestodina, Content Optimization Keynote
  4. Andrew Tarvin, Comedy Keynote
  5. Anita Ramanathan, Content Performance Keynote 

You’ll find the keynotes peppered over two days of intense learning and entertainment, with CMC2021 running from Apr. 27 to 29

On-demand lessons are part of the package, which you can dive into immediately.

Register now to secure your seat. 

Think of the on-demand lessons as the au-d’oeuvres, with the keynotes presenting the entrees for our two-day extravaganza. 

Here come the keynotes in order of appearance. And hearing them all will surely sate your appetite for content marketing knowledge.  

Content Planning Keynote Tamsen Webster 

When: 8 a.m. on  Apr. 27

Tamsen Webster | World-Renowned Keynote Speaker

Tamsen helps people find, build, and tell the stories of their ideas. She combined 20 years in brand and message strategy with four years as a TEDx Executive Producer to create The Red Thread®, a simple way to change how people see…and what they do as a result. 

Today, this globe-hopping keynote consults with companies like Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, and State Street Bank on how to get their big ideas to have the impact they deserve.

Tamsen’s Keynote Presentation: Pressure Test Your Message

Now more than ever, it’s important for your message to be heard. But is it strong enough to withstand whatever is thrown at it? Does it stand out from the crowd? 

With decades of working on the big ideas of individuals and organizations, Tamsen knows a thing or two about what makes ideas endure. And key measurements to gauge your message’s longevity.

After this keynote, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the difference between your message and your idea.
  • Identify key metrics to help your message stand out.
  • Test the strength of your message.
  • Develop the story people will tell themselves about your message.

Content Creation Keynote Nancy Harhut 

When: 12:30 p.m. on April 27

Nancy Harhut | Chief Creative Officer | HBT Marketing

Nancy is passionate about the impact behavioral science can have on marketing.

She’s equally passionate about getting results.

She and her teams have snagged more than 175 awards for digital and direct marketing effectiveness. She’s also a BostInno 50 on Fire winner, Online Marketing Institute Top 40 Digital Strategist, and Social Top 50 email marketing leader.

Nancy’s Keynote Presentation: 5 Easy, Quick Tune-Up Tactics to Make Your Content Crush It

Whether you want to refresh your existing marketing content—or create new campaigns that have every possible advantage—you need to know these five creative tactics. 

Backed by neuroscientific research and in-market testing, these tactics work because they’re based on how people really make decisions. Discover the best ways to phrase your copy, position your product, and make your offer irresistible

See numerous examples from a variety of verticals and channels (email, websites, offline, ads). And leave armed with actionable tactics that drive instant improvements.

Discover all this:

  • The one common mistake you must avoid.
  • What to say first before you ask for action.
  • How to get people to see your product or service differently.
  • The fascinating brain science backstories behind why these tactics work.
  • Common missed opportunities—and easy ways to fix them, fast.

Discover why neuromarketing is the industry’s next new thing. And how every content marketer can benefit from it starting today.

Content Optimization Keynote Andy Crestodina

When: 8 a.m. on Apr. 28

Andy Crestodina | Chief Marketing Officer | Orbit Media

Over the past 20 years, Andy has provided digital marketing advice to 1000+ businesses. He speaks at national marketing conferences, writes for big marketing blogs and is author of “Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing.”

His extensive expertise has earned him honors that include the Top 10 Online Marketing Experts to Watch, Forbes Top 50 Marketing Influencers, Entrepreneur Magazine Top 20 Content Marketing Thought Leaders and Outbrain Top 15 Growth Marketing Speakers.

Andy’s Keynote Presentation: How Intelligent Content Inspires Browsers to Take Action and Buy

Driving traffic is hard work. And it’s wasted work if your site doesn’t transform browsers into buyers. So why aren’t more of your visitors turning into leads or buyers? 

Attend this keynote to learn how to instantly remove the friction and boost the migration through each journey stage. 

By the end of this session, you will know:

  • THE key motivator for engagement and action on a site.
  • Why most websites fail, according to 12 years of research.
  • How to fix most of the problems in one swoop with a new “aspect” of the infamous call-to-action.

Comedy Keynote Andrew Tarvin 

When: 12:30 p.m. on Apr. 28

Andrew Tarvin | CEO, Humor Engineer| Humor That Works

Best-selling author Andrew Tarvin is the CEO of Humor That Works, a leadership development company that teaches professionals how to use humor to achieve better business results. He’s brought humor solutions to organizations that include IBM, the UN and the FBI. 

Andrew has been featured in “The Wall Street Journal,” “Forbes” and “Fast Company.” His TEDx talk on the skill of humor has been viewed more than 6 million times, only half of which were from his mother.   

Andrew’s Keynote Presentation: Now That’s Funny: It’s All About Your Brand’s Personality 

It’s time to create a brand personality that defines who we are, and what makes us Tik and Tok. Humor, as it turns out, has an unmatched, universal super-power that connects with an audience in mysterious ways. But getting the corporate funny and money ball rolling is challenging. 

Start here: Learn the truth about you AND your brand. 

The question isn’t are you funny? The question is this: What kind of funny are you? 

Learn the seven brand personality options you have to leverage humor that works, delivering the performance you demand from your content marketing investments.

Attend this keynote for small humor secrets in a big bundle of joy:

  • Discover the core components of a brand’s humor personality.
  • Review the good, bad, ugly and funny variations of 7 different brand styles.
  • Understand how to capture attention in a distracted world and build brand affinity.
  • Follow the framework for creating a humor-style guide to build a new, fresh brand personality.

Content Performance Keynote Anita Ramanathan 

When: 12:30 p.m. on Apr. 29

Anita Ramanathan | Speaker, Trainer, Neuroscientist

Anita Ramanathan is an award-winning speaker, science communicator and neuroscientist who knows that communicating a sophisticated idea requires a unique approach. 

And she’s got that approach down pat. She’ll show you how, with the right tools and techniques, you can transform even the most complex ideas into a compelling message that keeps your audience engaged and hungry for more.

Anita’s Keynote Presentation: Transform Numbers to Narratives: How to Explain Data Insights Using Storytelling

Numbers can reveal fascinating insights. Big decisions are now made based on data alone. Yet when we communicate data, we often default to sharing dry information without really highlighting the meaning behind those numbers. Contrary to popular belief, the data does not speak for itself—it needs you. 

Compelling trends and intriguing observations remain inconsequential until you transform these numbers into a cohesive narrative. Your audience may not remember the data, but they’ll always remember a data story.

Attend this keynote and learn how to:

  • Uncover stories buried under your own data
  • Package data and numbers into a memorable message
  • Find the right balance between facts, data and stories
  • Evolve from simply sharing graphs to actually sharing insights

With these keynotes in the lineup, you’re going to be educated, enlightened and wholly entertained. And they’re not the only perks you get for attending CMC2021.

This year’s virtual conference serves up a double delight, with on-demand learning you can start immediately, along with fresh sessions (and awesome keynotes!) running from Apr. 27 to 29. 

And all you have to do is register. Don’t miss out. Register now.