One strategy track just isn’t enough for Content Marketing Conference. Go beyond the basics of content strategy with the sessions available in our CMC 2020 Strategy II track. Within these sessions, you’ll find a wealth of information on how to adjust your content strategy for better engagement and conversion rates. From Scott Kolbe’s primer on unleashing your brand voice to Brandon Andersen’s data hacks that can drive your content strategy, there’s a lot to learn. You can also enjoy sessions from Ryan Foland, Paxton Gray, and Neal Schaffer.

Below is a quick recap of all of the sessions in our Strategy II track. Pick and choose which sessions make the most sense for you, or watch them all for further insights into content strategy. 

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How Saying Less Can Help Your Clients Say More

Ryan Foland

Ryan Foland HeadshotSometimes content marketing can feel a bit like information overload or total sales pitch. In How Saying Less Can. Help Your Clients Say More, Ryan Foland tackles this issue with the 3-1-3 Method, a proven process that empowers agencies to define with clients what they really do in 3 sentences, 1 sentence, and ultimately 3 words. This method helps create a better marketing partnership between content marketer and client while improving content performance. In this session, Ryan will show you how to challenge your clients to the core to get to the core while putting the 3-1-3 Method into action to achieve top performance. You’ll learn how to make content creation easier for clients with a better aim as well as how to increase retention rates and revenue for content marketing.



Unleash Your Brand Vibe

Scott Kolbe

Scott Kolbe HeadshotYou are not in control of your brand. It’s in the hands of your prospects, customers, and fans who decide how you fare in the market. In Unleash Your Brand Vibe, Scott Kolbe shows you how to earn your audience’s trust (and sales) through high-performance storytelling techniques that will help turn your customers into brand ambassadors. After finishing this session, you’ll have more clarity on how to transform boring marketing into transparent and relevant content that connects with your audience emotionally. You’ll also learn how to unleash the stories hidden in your business and invite customers to experience your new brand vibe. Scott also takes a look at how to use calendars for consistency and relevance and measure storytelling performance.



SEO, Content, and Changing the World

Paxton Gray

Paxton Gray HeadshotMany content marketers are under the assumption that you need a big budget to create great content. But that’s just not the case. Instead of focusing on virality, content marketing professionals need to focus on creating content that reaches their target audience and engages in a significant way. In SEO, Content, and Changing the World, Paxton Gray shows you how to gather data, gain insights from the data, and develop creative solutions aimed at what your customers and the market want. After attending this session, you’ll know how to tap into customer data that will help you effectively develop creative solutions that make sense for your business.



7 Hacks to Make Data ACTUALLY Drive Your Content Strategy

Brandon Andersen

Brandon Andersen HeadshotEvery content marketer dreams of a data-driven content strategy. But it’s easier said than done. Being data-driven means understanding what data means and how to use it in your strategy. In 7 Hacks to Make Data ACTUALLY Drive Your Content Strategy, Brandon Andersen discusses how you can better understand what the underlying data is actually saying about you, your competition, and your customers. He provides you with 7 hacks for using data to drive your content strategy by helping you understand the data and what you should be doing with it.



How to Find the Right Influencers and Generate the Best ROI from Influencer Marketing

Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer HeadshotMany content marketers want to use influencers as part of their content marketing strategy, but they don’t know where to start. With so many different types of influencers and approaches to influencer marketing, it can be complicated to even get started. In How to Find the Right Influencers and Generate the Best ROI from Influencer Marketing, Neal Schaffer offers a fresh perspective on influencer marketing with tactical takeaways you can apply to your own business. Learn about the different types of influencers and how you can find the right one for your brand. Neal will also discuss what impacts your return on investment from influencer marketing and how you can tweak your strategy to maximize ROI.



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