How much do you know about search optimization? While there are some best practices in content marketing that never seem to change, SEO and what steps you need to take to boost organic reach on the search engines changes just as often as Google’s search algorithm. We had some excellent presentations in our search optimization track this year. From Bernard’s helpful look at how Google works in 2020 to Andy’s killer presentation on how SEO informs his writing process – there’s a lot to learn this year from CMC’s expert presenters.

Below, we’ve put together a quick recap of each presentation with links directly to each video. Check out the sessions that will help you most, and you’ll walk away with actionable tips for boosting your search visibility. 

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Website Migration: For a Digital Marketing Bounce Back

Samantha Kermode

Samantha KermodeIn today’s busy digital marketplace, you have to have a strong website foundation if you want your business to be successful. When you make updates to your website, it’s important that you get them right the first time around. Successful website migration is about mitigating risks by taking the proper steps to reduce the chance of adverse impacts on traffic and revenue. In Website Migration: For a Digital Marketing Bounce Back, Samantha Kermode walks you through the three stages of website migration – pre-migration, launch, and post-launch – providing advice, best practices, and things to avoid each step of the way.



How Google Search Works in 2020: The Latest On Google’s Algorithm

Bernard Huang

Bernard Huang headshotTargeting keywords for SEO was once the hot practice for businesses wanting to boost their rank on the search engines. However, Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving, and the best practices for SEO are changing along with it. In How Google Search Works in 2020: The Latest on Google’s Algorithm, Bernard Huang teaches you how to approach SEO in 2020 if you want to rank on the search engines and bring in more organic traffic. You’ll learn more about how backlinks, machine learning, subject matter authority, natural language processing, and data associations play a role in Google’s algorithm. This session is great for intermediate to advanced SEO specialists, search marketing managers, and SEO savvy content creators. 



Secret Ways to Find SEO Content Topics and Ideas

Paul Shapiro

Paul Shapiro headshotDoes the idea of SEO content creation make your head spin? Do you feel like every new and interesting idea has already been done a thousand times over?  Have you exhausted every possible data source and tool for new SEO content ideas? If you are out of ideas, inspiration, and motivation to focus on SEO, then you need to watch Secret Ways to Find SEO Content Topics and Ideas with Paul Shapiro. In this session, Shapiro shares a fresh perspective on content ideation for search engine optimization. In this session, you’ll get innovative and tactical approaches to traditional and non-traditional data sources with audience insights so you can better deliver on performance goals. You’ll also discover new places for content inspiration while learning how to find the amazing content ideas lurking right under your fingertips, just a few clicks away.



CHE-A-T SHEET: Actionable Tips to Convey Expertise, Authority, and Trust for Content Writers

Melissa Sciorra

Melissa Sciorra headshotDemonstrating Expertise, Authorativeness, and Trustworthiness both on and off your website can help significantly improve your Google rankings in 2020. In CHE-A-T SHEET: Actionable Tips to Convey Expertise, Authority, and Trust for Content Writers, Melissa Sciorra takes a deep dive into Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines, giving you actionable tips to help grow your organic traffic to content pages. In this session, you’ll learn how to display and optimize author bios, learn techniques for building authority on your site, and discover a few key ways that you can manage your authors’ and website’s online reputation.



How SEO Made Me a Better Writer

Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina HeadshotWith all the blackhat tactics, keyphrase stuffers, and content spinners out there, SEOs have gotten a bad rap in the content marketing world. However, not everyone is looking for a quick and easy shortcut to the first page on Google. In fact, understanding search engine optimization and looking for ways to increase relevancy in search can actually make you a better writer who is able to provide more value for your audience. In How SEO Made Me a Better Writer, Andy Crestodina talks a little bit about how SEO has impacted his writing process and shows us how a little research can help make us better writers too. This session breaks down how the mindset of search (and the research that goes with it) can improve your writing process and increase the value of the content you write – even if you have no interest in search rankings.



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