All content marketers care about conversions. Whether you’re trying to get a visitor to sign up for your email list, download your e-book, or purchase a product, conversions are vital to maintaining a healthy business. But we don’t have to tell you that!

In the Conversion track this year, CMC 2020 presenters bring you a variety of content on conversions. From getting into the heads of your site visitors to learning which words are most persuasive, there’s a lot to learn from our conversion sessions. Below, you’ll find recaps from our presenters – Ayat Shukairy, Nancy Harhut, Liz Willits, and Lee Odden – with links directly to their videos so that you can start learning and implementing what you learn this week.

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Data: 10 Tips to Get into the Brains of Your Site Visitor

Ayat Shukairy

Ayat Shukairy HeadshotAt the core of creating content optimized for conversion and overall better user experience is gaining a deeper understanding of your site visitor and readers of your content. In Data: 10 Tips to Get into the Brains of Your Site Visitor, Ayat Shukairy takes you through the quantitative and qualitative tools and tips that help you extract visitor motivations, needs, wants, and behaviors in order to create better content and a better website experience for visitors. Learn how to conduct better qualitative research to extract useful information, how to identify the big “ask” and the question of specific visitor behavior you want to uncover, and how to build a story and timeline to understand how/what visitors use your product or service for. You’ll also discover how to use all the information you have to create a better website experience. 



The ABCs of Persuasive Messaging

Nancy Harhut

Nancy Harhut HeadshotNo matter what you’re trying to get a lead to do – fill out a form, download your e-book, read your content, contact your company, buy something – the words that you use to influence the conversion matter. Scientific studies and in-market tests all confirm that specific words wield more power than others and the words that you use in your content marketing impact how people respond to a piece of content. In the ABCs of Persuasive Messaging, Nancy Harhut shows you a lexicon of persuasive words and copy contracts that you can use tomorrow to increase engagement and response. Discover which words attract readership, learn the one word that gets people nodding yes immediately, and find out the best way to talk about prices. This fast-paced, example-packed presentation reveals 26 secrets that’ll make you an instant master of persuasion.



How to Automate Your Marketing Like a Pro

Liz Willits

Liz Willits HeadshotDespite your best efforts, your automated emails may feel a lot more like robotic, impersonal responses than you had wanted. And this doesn’t become clearer than when you start to notice your opens, clicks, and shares declining. In How to Automate Your Email Marketing Like a Pro, Liz Willits helps you change all that by teaching you how to create automated emails that build relationships, connect with readers, and grow your band. You’ll leave this session with an understanding of the top 5 email automation mistakes (and how to avoid them), a list of methods you can use to boost open and clickthrough rates, and a better idea of how to write automated content that’s personal, human, and effective. This presentation is ideal for content strategies, entrepreneurs, and content managers that want to automate their email marketing without sacrificing open and clickthrough rates.



How to Optimize Customer Experience with SEO and Influence

Lee Odden

Lee Odden HeadshotResearch shows that customers trust search engines more than any other channel. And in general, they just don’t trust brands. How can marketers create content that is findable and credible to increasingly skeptical buyers? Lee Odden answers this question and more in his session, How to Optimize Customer Experience with SEO and Influence. In this session, you’ll learn how successful B2B companies are integrating SEO and influence to create optimized content that delivers the expertise, authority, and trust that Google wants along with the satisfying experiences that customers need to engage and convert. Find out how to integrate SEO and influence into content planning, learn the 5 steps to create an influencer content program, and discover the 3 SEO tips for optimizing your own influence.



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