Creating a winning content strategy helps you set the foundation for all of your content marketing. At CMC 2020, we had a number of sessions focused on different aspects of building and implementing a content strategy. Our speakers – Margot Bloomstein, Lindy Roux, Ashley Faus, Pamela Muldoon, and Mike Roberts – cover everything from humanizing your brand to high-impact content marketing strategies you can implement today.

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Build Trust by Bringing Vulnerability Online

Margot Bloomstein

Margot BloomsteinGo big or go home? Fake it ’til you make it? Those mantras have been hailed for decades as the underlying idea and premise behind content creation and marketing. The emphasis on this kind of mentality has only grown as the shift to a more digitally-based business model has taken over. But the times they are changing, and now there is a new value and approach that more and more customers are looking for in the companies that they follow and support. In Build Trust by Bringing Vulnerability Online, Margot Bloomstein discusses how honesty and vulnerability are now the traits that are needed in many cases in order to connect with your fans. People want to support brands and companies that share their values and views, and now more than ever, people value honesty and reject lies and empty marketing promises. In this session, learn how to humanize your products and build brand loyalty while creating copy that consciously converts customers into brand advocates.



Scoring Content: The Secret to Content Strategy and Performance

Lindy Roux

Lindy Roux HeadshotWhat should you do when the current content and marketing materials you have for your business scores a C+ or worse? Crafting content and optimizing content relies on your knowledge of SEO and how well you understand WHY things happen as well as HOW they happen. How can you grab the reader’s attention with keyword sets when everyone is moving at the speed of light in this digital age? Why are some keywords more effective and ranking better than others within your industry? In Scoring Content: The Secret to Content Strategy and Performance, Lindy Roux answers these questions and more. Learn the “scoring” elements you need for performance-driven content your readers are searching for. 



Beyond the Editorial Calendar-New Rules of Content Strategy

Ashley Faus

Ashley Faus HeadshotThe world of content marketing is always changing and nothing stays the same for very long. That is the nature of a digital world. The next phase of content marketing and optimization is here, and marketers aren’t in charge for once – it is the customers who are firmly in control of when, where, and how content trends. Instead of moving through traditional methods of research and information gatherings, the modern-day customer is choosing their own adventure, charting their own path, and looking for answers in their own way. In Beyond the Editorial Calendar: New Rules of Content Strategy, Ashley Faus urges us as marketers to think several steps ahead of customers and prepare content that delivers the right message when they need it. Learn how to change your method of thinking and planning to align with this change in focus and process.



The Content Strategy Method You Wish You Had Last Year

Pamela Muldoon

Pamela Muldoon HeadshotMost content marketers just don’t have the time to go big and complex with their content strategy, incorporating the latest methodology and AI to support performance. In The Content Strategy Method You Wish You Had Last Year, Pamela Muldoon shows us how to quickly develop a content strategy that’s optimized for both readers and search engines. Need help cranking out your content? Learn how to onboard freelance writers and train fellow team members to help you create optimized content with minimal management and support.




Content Marketing Survival Guide: High-Impact Content Marketing Strategies You Can Use Today

Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts HeadshotIn the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, agencies and small businesses are now facing significant challenges with many struggling just to stay afloat. Desperate times call for new and innovative marketing strategies that can have a significant impact on your business. In Content Marketing Survival Guide: High-Impact Content Marketing Strategies You Can Use Today, Mike Roberts provides you with actionable tactics that your business can utilize to continue to stay afloat in these difficult times. Learn the steps you can take right now from your home to keep your business moving forwards while much of the world is on pause. These strategies apply to nearly any business and industry so check it out and see how you can make the most of a bad situation and how you can help your business survive the struggles of social distancing and business shutdowns amid COVID-19.


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