If you’re in a B2B space, then you know that this comes with its own unique set of challenges and roadblocks that B2C brands just don’t encounter. The sessions in the B2B track cover a range of topics that will help you improve your B2B content marketing strategy and start driving more conversions. Learn from content marketing superstars Tom Shapiro, Victoria Albert, Hank Hoffmeier, and AJ Huisman to take your B2B content marketing strategy to the next level.

Below, we’ve put together some recaps of each session with a link to each individual video. Choose the sessions that are most relevant to your business and walk away with tactical tips for improving your B2B content marketing strategy today.

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5 Insights on Content Effectiveness Learned from 300 B2B Websites

Tom Shapiro

Tom Shapiro HeadshotAre you tired of publishing content that gets lost in the noise? If you’re frustrated that you aren’t getting the ROI you want, it’s time to learn the data-backed patterns found in the top-performing content that’s generating the most B2B traffic. In 5 Insights on Content Effectiveness Learned from 300 B2B Websites, Tom Shapiro shows you the critical elements that he discovered when assessing 300+ B2B websites. With this insight, you can begin to upgrade your content strategy, drive more traffic, and generate more leads that convert to sales. Discover the top 5 elements of content effectiveness, how to measure content ROI in new ways, and how to identify and resolve the roadblocks.



Recession-Proof Your Marketing Priorities

Victoria Albert

Victoria Albert HeadshotWhile recession marketing may not be something you want to think about, it’s important – now more than ever – to consider what strategies your business can implement when operating in a recession. In Recession-Proof Your Marketing Priorities, Victoria Albert walks you through the different steps that you can take to balance your budgets, streamline your teams, set clear expectations, and improve client experience during times when the economy takes a downturn. Walk away from this session with tactical tips you can take with you back to your business to strategically update your marketing strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.



Are Your B2B Emails Being Ignored? Winning Strategies to Upgrade Your B2B Email Marketing 

Hank Hoffmeier

Hank Hoffmeier HeadshotWhen it comes to email marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that actually works. What works for B2C businesses, just doesn’t work for B2B brands. In Are Your B2B Emails Being Ignored? Winning Strategies to Upgrade Your B2B Email Marketing, Hank Hoffmeier discusses the latest tactics to plan, craft, and, publish B2B email campaigns with effective subject lines, messages, and incentives that will help you get more opens, reads, and responses. After attending this session, you’ll be armed with quick fixes for B2B email marketing, tricks to stay out of your audience’s SPAM box, methods to boost B2B email subscriptions, ways to use automation to nurture sales, and ways to align your email strategy with the B2B process.



How to Laser Focus Your B2B Content Strategy, Buy-In, and Performance

AJ Huisman

AJ Huisman HeadshotThe B2B landscape is more competitive and complex than B2C. It’s vital that B2B brands find ways to strategically adjust their B2B content marketing strategy to get the support and content they need from team members to boost performance. AJ Huisman shows you how to do just that in his session, How to Laser Focus Your B2B Content Strategy Buy-In and Performance. In this session, you’ll discover the secrets to getting busy B2B professionals to embrace content marketing and help your brand grow. Learn the 8 stages of success for B2B content marketing stardom and find out how to transform “me-me-me” content into high quality, valuable, and impactful stories that move the needle. 



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