Let’s face it. The financial markets are taking a beating with the pandemic, and a global recession is imminent. Our GPS for marketing is officially broken, and we’re struggling to find our way. 

The good news is that recession marketing is not new, and the keys to success are within our reach. Our sponsors, WriterAccess and INFUSEmedia are bringing you a timely webinar with information to help your business thrive in a COVID-19 world.

About the Webinar: Recession Marketing Roadmap

Join guest Victoria Albert, VP and Head of Marketing at INFUSEmedia and host, Byron White for our sponsor webinar – “Recession Marketing Roadmap: The New GPS to Thrive” where you’ll learn the best-practice tactics for your business, teams, and clients to get in the front of the recovery line. Discover the do’s and don’ts that are critical to establishing your base camp, so you can accelerate growth when the time is right. 

Attend this session to learn…

  • Communication tips for employees, customers, and fans
  • Best practice “pandemic” marketing tips and tactics 
  • What NOT to do now, and why that might cause damage
  • What TO DO as soon as possible, if you’re not doing it already

Register now for Recession Marketing Roadmap: The Essentials to Thrive on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 1 p.m. ET.

Can’t join the webinar? No worries. Register, and we’ll send you the link to a private replay so that you can watch and download the deck on your own time.

About the Experts

Victoria Albert

Vice President, Head of Marketing at INFUSEmedia

Victoria builds and oversees all of INFUSEmedia’s marketing initiatives with a heavy focus on sales and marketing alignment. As a strategist and thought leader, she’s obsessed with identifying and driving revenue opportunities and always finding ways to challenge the status quo.


Byron White

Founder, WriterAccess

Byron is the founder of WriterAccess and numerous other startups. He’s the host of our webinar series at WriterAccess as well as chair and founder of Content Marketing Conference, an annual event sporting 600+ attendees and 75+ speakers.