Josh Bernoff is an expert on business strategy. He is also passionate about creating “clear, brief, fascinating communication” by showing you how to eliminate the “bullshit” from your emails, reports and Web copy. He understands that in today’s world, your audience is constantly being bombarded by information in one form or another. So, it’s more important than ever to grab your audience’s attention and keep it with writing that sparkles and stands out from the crowd. Bernoff’s iron imperative when it comes to communication is to “treat the reader’s time as more valuable than your own.” 

A Best-Selling Author

Bernoff is an accomplished author, who has been writing professionally since 1982. He has authored or co-authored six books on business, including Writing Without Bullshit, Boost Your Career by Saying What You Mean. In addition, Bernoff and co-author Charlene Li wrote the Business Week bestseller Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, which educates companies on ways that they can profit from blogs and social media. Abbey Klaassen, the editor of Advertising Age, called Groundswell the “best book ever written on marketing and media.”  

Bernoff also spent two decades writing and editing reports at Forrester Research, where he was a renowned technology analyst.  In his last five years at Forrester Research, Bernoff was the Senior Vice President, Idea Development, where he helped shape the company’s most influential ideas. He also created Technographics, which became Forrester’s successful consumer survey business.  

One Man, Many Gigs

In addition to writing and ghostwriting, Bernoff also edits and helps shape the work of his fellow authors. He has, in fact, used his talents to refine more than 30 non-fiction books for other writers. Bernoff also loves sharing his expertise has made a number of appearances over the years, including at:

  • Yankee Chapter, PR Society of America
  • Utah PR Spring Conference
  • PRSA International Conference 
  • CMC 2018
  • CMC 2019

He has also keynoted major conferences all around the world in such places as Barcelona, Beijing, London, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.  

Bernoff also publishes a daily column on his website about various subjects, including but not limited to politics, media and marketing. And while Bernoff may not sound like a man with much free time on his hands, he does have enough to be the CEO of, a non-profit organization that is “dedicated to the pursuit of wellness through changing habits.” 

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