Are you ready for the Content Marketing Conference CMC2020? You’ll have some great sessions that will inspire you, which is why you might be interested in the all important side of content marketing: content creation. After all, if you don’t have good content, it’s hard to market it. So, in our content creation track we have six sessions that address how you can create brilliant content that will engage your reader and keep them on the page.

Why Content Matters

Content matters because no matter how amazing your message is, if you can’t get it across to your readers without having them get distracted — Oh look! There’s a YouTube video with funny goats! — you might as well not bother. In fact, according to our speaker, Josh Bernoff, the president of WOBS LLC and author of Writing Without Bullshit, 81 percent of writing professionals say that poorly written content wastes a huge portion of their time. Is your writing wasting people’s time and keeping them from getting your point? When readers only spend an average of 36 seconds per news article, you have to make every second count. That’s why WriterAccess is in business — to break through the bad writing malaise. (Josh Bernoff presents two sessions called Writing Without Bullshit at CMC2020.) And there’s another session called Boom: From Boring Industry to Brilliant Writing that will help you write better than you thought possible.

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

You may be able to write well, but if your ideas and topics aren’t hot and engaging, you can bet your readers will pass you by. One way to get brilliant ideas is to cull them from social media. Everyone in content creation should look to Reddit for potential topics. Daniel Russell, the COO of Go Fish Digital, reveals his secrets for getting timely and engaging topics on the social media, Reddit. He’ll explain how you can use Reddit most effectively and how to mine for those topic gems your readers want to read.

Learn How to Create More Effective Email Campaigns

Email marketing is still big, especially with social media clamping down on good content. The truth is readers love to get emails they subscribe to. But if you’re not creating the right campaigns, they’ll pitch those into their mail’s trash — or worse, mark them as spam. You don’t want that, which is why you need to attend Elisabeth Willits’ session, How to Create Addictive Email Content and Campaigns. Elisabeth Willits is the Senior Content Marketing Specialist at AWeber who will teach you how to create an irresistible subject header. You’ll learn how to use a little-know trick that increases your open rate and get your content in front of your readers. She’ll also teach you how to create email content that readers look forward to instead of tossing in the trash. This is a must for anyone who is running an email marketing campaign.

Learn from the Best at CMC2020

One thing you don’t want to miss is Content Strategy Tool Talks where you’ll see demonstrations by professional content strategists using tools that will help you succeed in content marketing. You’ll be in a four-hour intensive workshop hosted by Byron White,  the chair of CMC2020. In it, you’ll see demos of four to eight different tools and how they can help you design, develop, and distribute your brilliant content.

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Maggie B. is a professional, multiple award-winning writer and editor of more than 30 books and more than a thousand articles. She earned her Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in creative writing at the University of Denver. She has written articles on science, pets, sustainability, hunting, technology, outdoors and recreation, food, writing, publishing, careers, and other topics. She is the publisher for Sky Warrior Books and Garnet Mountain Press.