There’s a lot of fluff content out there on business blogs that’s quite clearly simply trying to get a lead, and not really considering the value behind the content itself: that it’s well-researched, well-written, and actually relevant to the types of questions the public is actually asking on a particular topic. Readers can see right through these efforts and walk away—rendering your content efforts not just ineffective, but counterproductive.

What causes content to be written like this? Often, it’s that businesses are so hungry and desperate for leads that they forget their own best practices. Demand generation can seem impossible at worst and painfully time-consuming at best. Partnering with a specialized expert in demand generation is critical.

Partner With a Demand Generation Leader—INFUSEmedia

Our Content Marketing Conference 2020 is proud to announce INFUSEmedia as a sponsor. #54 on INC’s 500 fastest-growing private companies, INFUSEmedia is leading the way in effective, high-quality demand generation that offers up top results. How do they do it?

  • Leverage the channels of communication that target audiences are actually using. Aside from writing premium quality and posting it onto your blog, are you in touch with the channels that your target audiences use to get their information? Everything from social through mobile, there are countless opportunities for you to engage with your audience—but you have to know where you need to be.
  • Use of targeted data and analytics. Keep your approach strategic by going after audience members who have shown an interest in your product or services. Even within your accounts, communicate with the key decisionmakers with whom your messaging will resonate most.
  • Keep an eye on things with the dashboard. Monitor engagement using a proprietary dashboard that compiles analytics and key data points. INFUSEmedia will work with you to make sure engagement efforts continue to perform well, and to change course if need be.
  • Use events strategically. Make sure your company approaches the right customers who will find the most value from engaging with your brand. This is not just about attending industry events, but making sure your booth is visible and that you’re collecting productive, valuable leads. 

Numbers Don’t Lie

We’re proud to have an industry leader like INFUSEmedia sponsoring the 2020 Content Marketing Conference. With over 54 million B2B decisionmakers in their system, each carefully vetted for both quality and consistency, as well as 30+ digital publications within specialized business and tech verticals, INFUSEmedia can work with you to access the audience you need to carry your business to next-level success. Who else can guarantee 100% accuracy?

Part of the INFUSEmedia difference is their awareness of the people behind every business. By checking LinkedIn, phone contacts through direct dial, and reaching out to people directly, they are able to validate leads; but even their content marketing analytics and approaches consider the people in the audience. What resonates with them? Where are they going? What are their preferences? What trends are they following or shifting away from?

Want to learn more about our sponsor INFUSEmedia, or hear from over 70 speakers across 50 sessions and 10 workshops? Learn what you need to develop the right action plan to step up your digital marketing game. Attend the 2020 Content Marketing Conference


Andrea P. has been writing professionally for 8+ years. Most recently, she’s worked as the senior creative strategist at a digital marketing agency, where she was in charge of developing and executing client content strategy to meet specific marketing and SEO goals. This centered heavily on authoritative long-form content and effective email outreach. Previously, she worked in a similar role for another agency. In both roles, her campaigns met monthly goals and set clients up for long-term wins on these results; Andrea also managed client communication and reporting. Additionally, she had to prepare training materials and remotely manage over twenty different contractors.