After several years of working in media positions for small startup companies as well as some of the largest brands (including Intel, LinkedIn, and Adobe), Renee Teeley became the Global Director of Digital Marketing Solutions at Brightcove. She is now the founder of Video Explained, and uses her vast background in media and marketing to help people build businesses.

Video Explained

Though Renee functions as a consultant, Video Explained is a content network and online resource for people looking to go into business for themselves or for businesses to begin their venture. The focus of Renee’s work is to teach others to be able to empower themselves and to function independently. For example, video coaching content can range from initially finding a co-founder to marketing an existing company.

The Road to Becoming a Solopreneur

Most of Renee’s early years were spent learning media communication through her job. Being able to pull experience from a variety of sizes of companies, she decided to branch out on her own offering her skills. 

Renee explains the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur to others. “The thing I enjoy most about being an entrepreneur is also the thing I enjoy the least. I have to wear many hats as an entrepreneur, but I also get to wear many hats so my skill set is constantly evolving.” She explains that as a small business, you don’t have a lot of resources to waste, but you get the freedom of not needing a corporate executive board’s permission to take your business the direction that you want. 

She currently focuses on educating others on how to use video to engage with customers. 

Encouraged Habits

There are three things that Renee makes it a point to do habitually:

  • Creative Walks. Taking breaks can help prevent burnout, and doing something routine can help get the mind into a “flow” state.

  • Professional Socializing. Support groups of all kinds exist for a reason – nobody can help someone with an issue quite like someone who has been directly exposed to similar. This applies to being an entrepreneur, as the ups and downs of starting and running a business are unique and a lot can be learned from those who have gone down the same path.

  • Personal Socializing. Always make time for the people in your life. Positive experiences are essential to general happiness, and that can help push a struggling business owner through the lows of starting/running a company.

Her Inspiration

Renee’s mother was a registered nurse until an injury ended her ability to continue working at a hospital. Not to be discouraged, her mother began to work for herself and was able to combine passions – travel and helping the elderly – into a new career. This taught Renee that there is more than one path to explore.


Renee spent her journey reflecting on herself and learned to appreciate the freedom to be her open, authentic self, as well as how to balance life on her terms. 

Renee will be speaking at the 6th Annual Content Marketing Conference. Be sure to attend to learn how Renee, and others, could pass their knowledge on to you.


Graduating Magna Cum Laude with an AS in Paralegal Studies, Neth W. has drafted personal profiles and resumes, analysis reports, self-help and comedy essays, and a variety of legal documents including, but not limited to, domestic and class-action complaints, research reports, memoranda, scripts for depositions and interrogatories, Municipal Bonds, and multi-million dollar license agreements for the city of Nashville, TN. Neth can write as informal as first-person humorist tales, to as formal as APA format.