Chris Silver Smith knows SEO. Not only is he the President and Founder of Argent Media, which is a marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization, but he’s also consulted with many Fortune 500 companies on their content marketing needs. Working with some of the top agencies that deal with SEO had led Chris to create his own company, Argent Media with much success. The company has been based out of Dallas, Texas since 1997. Chris likes to say that he helps companies, “solve the puzzle of SEO.” 

Argent Media also works with clients to bolster their social media management and online reputation. Online reputation building is a hot button issue in this modern time that many people see as an important part of a brand’s profile. On his active Twitter feed with 14,000 followers, he often comments on the impact of online reputation building. Most recently he mentioned that, “I’ll claim only partial responsibility for this – we did good solid, reputation work! Our materials take up approximately 60% of the first page of search results in Google for their name, and it would be more if we had needed to do more.”

That’s definitely something to boast about as many companies and individuals find it hard to rank on Google for the good things they want people to see when searched. 

His Content Marketing Conference Class

Chris will be leading a 40-minute session on April 22 at 1:50 PM that’s called, “Twitter: Latest Tactics for Paid Amplification.” In it he will go over how companies can increase their value through Twitter, how to rank higher on the social media site when searched, and eliminating the guesswork of the Twitterverse for more targeted results. 

This promise to be the go-to session if you find that your marketing efforts with Twitter aren’t getting you results. It’s a great way to truly make sure that your Twitter profiles and the brands you are working with get the attention they need on this all important social media site. is His Personal Website

If you want to see all types of articles Chris has written, you can visit his website It also details his appearances at various conferences and speaking events, an informative blog, and even his interest in art. He’s quite the skilled artist with one of the best pieces being the water media painting, “Tea With Alice” about his love of the famous book by Lewis Carroll. 

There is also a listing of the books Chris has contributed to. He routinely writes articles for publications such as Natural Search Blog, Search Engine Land, and Nodal Bits. The impact of his expertise in SEO is definitely evident when you look through the vast listing of articles he’s done. 

Don’t Miss One of the Best SEO Experts of All Time At CMC2020

Being a part of this informative Twitter session at CMC2020 will give you a leg up over the competition with your marketing efforts, and will give you a chance to pick Chris’s brain on the subject. It’s definitely a session that should be on your must-see list in order to win at Twitter. 

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