You’ve got great content and certain your marketing plan is sound. But how are you going to get it to your potential clients and customers? Are you going to just put it on your blog and hope for the best? Do you toss your brilliant content on your Facebook page and then hope your subscribers see it? Or is there something more you can do?

Here at the Content Marketing Conference, we know that it takes more than just great content to attract customers and clients.  They’ve got to know it’s out there, first and foremost, which is why the CMC20 content distribution track is a must-attend track at the Content Marketing Conference. Let’s look at the tracks you can attend.

SnapChat: New Tactics to Connect and Convert

According to, SnapChat has 210 million active daily users and is growing. That means if you’re not on SnapChat in a big way, you are missing out on customers. Extremely relevant for teenagers, if you’re trying to focus on that market segment, you need to be on SnapChat. In this session, you’ll learn how to modify your style for your particular audience, you’ll find out how to discover the trending topics on SnapChat, and you’ll gain insight into the SnapChat algorithm. Not getting the hits you want? You’ll learn tactical tweaks that will improve your conversions.

Twitter: Latest Tactics for Organic Success

Do your tweets go unnoticed? Maybe you’ve abandoned Twitter because you don’t seem to be getting the attention, even with good content. It’s time to revisit Twitter again and make it hot for incredible conversions. Get on the bandwagon with trending topics that are hot on Twitter right now, and learn how to tweet effectively that will make viewers into clients and customers!

Content Strategy Tool Talks

Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, Email lists. If you’re juggling too many balls when it comes to content distribution, it’s time to distribute like the big dudes. Want to know the secrets behind successful content distribution? Technology. Think automation and AI rather than manually tweeting and posting every bit of content. In Content Strategy Tool Talks, Byron White hosts a first-of-its-kind demo showcasing how the top content strategists use tools for content distribution. This is four hours of intense training and covers all the topics at CMC20.

Instagram: Latest Tactics for Organic Success

Instagram is Facebook’s hottest competitor to SnapChat, which means many Facebook and SnapChat users are waiting to hear from you. But how do you reach your audience on Instagram? This session covers influencers and how to find and hire them to promote your company or product. You’ll learn how to discover what’s hot on Instagram now and how to improve your conversions with a few minor but important tweaks.

Conversion Boosters for Emails

Email is an important tool in content distribution, but if your emails aren’t getting opened and your conversion rates are low, you need to reevaluate your methodology. In Conversion Boosters for Emails, you’ll learn the secrets to getting more opens and more conversions with a few small tricks that make the difference between an opened and clicked on email and one that ends up in the trash folder, or worse, reported as spam. You’ll learn the four things that cause potential customers to open emails, and how to get good leads and not just email addresses.

How to Harvest Customer Data to Personalize Email Campaigns

Big data. It’s everywhere. So, when you start sending out emails, are you sending to blind email addresses or are you personalizing them for your customers? This session shows you how to get information on your customers that you can use to tailor your email marketing campaigns to and even decide when is the most effective time to send out certain campaigns. A must for anyone with an email list.

LinkedIn: Latest Tactics for Organic Success

There’s no better social media to find business-to-business customers than LinkedIn. But are you treating LinkedIn as a glorified version of Facebook or Twitter?  To use LinkedIn effectively, you must have a good understanding of your potential clients and customers as well as marketing techniques that will effectively target them. Learn about the latest LinkedIn algorithms as well as what topics are trending on LinkedIn to connect with your customers.

For anyone who wants to learn how to reach out to their clientele, there’s no better conference than CMC20. Register now!


Maggie B. is a professional, multiple award-winning writer and editor of more than 30 books and more than a thousand articles. She earned her Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in creative writing at the University of Denver. She has written articles on science, pets, sustainability, hunting, technology, outdoors and recreation, food, writing, publishing, careers, and other topics. She is the publisher for Sky Warrior Books and Garnet Mountain Press.