Video marketing has phenomenal statistics. It’s estimated that 87% of video marketers have increased website traffic while 83% actively use video for lead generation. If you want a piece of that, you’re not alone. Approximately 85% of businesses use video marketing to grow their market share. At Content Marketing Conference, we’ve developed a comprehensive track on video marketing to help you get started, whether you’re using your smartphone or a full production studio. Here’s a quick glance at what you can expect in Boston in April.

Tracks: Video

Hands-On Creativity Workshop: Make Videos with your Smartphone

If you’ve never shot a video before, you’ll be thrilled with this absolute-beginner interactive session. You’ll be given creative exercises so that you can learn how to create engaging videos on your smartphone! With dozens of available platforms and limited budgets, you can create DIY-quality video that drives higher engagement. This workshop will include best practices to create videos that will drive results.

Video Marketing Makeover

Case studies are great for statistics, but they don’t inspire. If your boring video isn’t doing what you need, this three-hour workshop helps you makeover your existing video, creating stories that capture your audience’s attention, inspiring them to act. When you’re done, you’ll have a better story and shooting script to act on.

Creating Engaging Video That Makes Fans “Know” and Trust You

How do you build authenticity and trust into your video? This session includes insider tips from two video marketing pros, helping you learn how to create videos that create or destroy trust, making it easier for influencers to like and share your work to help you reach your performance goals through engaging video that works.

Creating Authentic Video Content to Build Your Brand

To build authentic video, you need audience connection. Authentic video earns trust and helps meet marketing goals. This session gives you secrets to improving authenticity through curation, experimentation and ideation. You’ll have a great starting point to create video that performs. Discover what customers want, curating compelling stories, building fascination and turn stories into winning video content.

Draft: Video Storytelling Tips, Tactics and Advice

If you’re frustrated with your video growth, this session will give you the latest secrets, allowing you to grow your fan base and connect with viewers to improve loyalty and sales. You’ll learn how the YouTube algorithm works, discover how to boost YouTube subscriptions, find out how to apply psychology to your marketing efforts and track your new marketing effort’s impact.

Video: Big Quality with Small Budgets

Marketing budgets never seem big enough, but you can create engaging videos that provide big results on any budget. This session will teach you to assess and identify the videos you need in your strategy, how to align your production to your budget and goals, identify ways to leverage shooting time for multiple content pieces and evaluate when to work in-house and when to hire out.

Video: Creating Experiences with Site, Sound and Motion

It’s very challenging to create and use video in marketing in exceptional ways that allow you to connect, create urgency and deliver a memorable experience. This session makes it simple using interactive video, personalized video and video voicemail to stand out from the competition while accelerating prospects and customers through the process. 

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