It’s no secret that video is becoming a major part of marketing plans right now, and will only gain more traction in the near future. Video comes in so many forms and the possibilities are endless when it comes to the potential that video marketing has for establishing your brand and driving your message home.

This year at Content Marketing Conference, we’re proud to host the following video marketing and production seminars. Each session is hosted by a digital marketing expert striving to leave you with actionable tips and new knowledge you can immediately put to work. If you’re interested in the video marketing track at CMC this year, check out these amazing seminars coming up!

LinkedIn Video: Behind the Scenes of 4 Million Views

LinkedIn has stunning B2B potential that shouldn’t be overlooked but tapping into that potential has been challenging, though. Join Allen Gannett, Chief Strategy Officer of Skyword, on Thursday April 18th to learn all about how you can create and optimize video content on LinkedIn. Between finding the right topics, frequency, and even video production gear that will give B2B audiences the right impression, Allen has you covered on how to go from zero to millions of views on LinkedIn. Learn what goes into an executive marketing strategy and how you can make LinkedIn videos a cornerstone of this strategy, and get an impressive organic reach on the platform!

Lights. Camera. Live Streaming Action

Video marketing isn’t a monolith: you don’t just have to write a script and shoot a video meant to be shown on YouTube and website. Live video, also called live streaming, is also a major driver in the push towards video becoming so integral to marketing and it has a wildly different dynamic. Cisco estimates that live video has grown 15-fold from 2016 and will only gain more traction. Brands are trying to hook into live streaming with varying degrees of success but you can take the guesswork out of your live video strategy with this session hosted by Lauren Hallanan, The Meet Group’s VP of Streaming. Learn how to have a more natural presence in live streams and how to get the engagement you’re looking for!

Video Step-By-Step Guide: Zero to Sixty in 50 Minutes

How do you actually make the shift to video? What do you do if you don’t have the most robust video production budget to work with? What video platforms should you work with? It can seem incredibly overwhelming to dive into video marketing when you don’t even know where to start or how you’re going to execute a video strategy. Desiree Martinez has you covered in her session on the ABCs of video marketing and keeping your video production and execution simple and budget-friendly.

Enterprise Tactics and Strategies for Video Marketing

Are you in a marketing role at a Fortune 100 company or a large marketing agency? You won’t want to miss YouTube gurus Greg Jarboe and and Eric Enge give you the lowdown on how enterprises can attract and maintain engaged followers on YouTube. With over 2 billion daily active users, enterprises can’t afford to miss out on the vast opportunity that a strong YouTube presence affords large brands. In this session, you’ll learn how to create engaging YouTube content and how to put a YouTube strategy in place.

Creating Remarkable Customer Experiences with Video

A top-notch customer experience is going to be one of the chief factors of how brands compete in the near future. User experience, customer service efficiency, and other aspects of your operations all factor into how a customer is delighted and keeps returning to your business as a result. But have you thought about how videos can also be worked into improving the customer experience, and simultaneously making customers happier while reeling in new ones? Learn how “discovery” videos can educate and entertain your audience, and what you can do to make video an integral part of each step in the customer journey. You can even personalize videos for customers and go the extra mile. Learn more in this session on how you can go above and beyond with video content!


Whether you’re just shooting your first video with your phone or already got a professional video crew on your side, you’ll definitely want to up your video marketing efforts in 2019. We look forward to seeing you at #CMC2019 and teaching you all about the art and science of video content!


Rachel P is an indie game developer, writer, and consultant. She is also a content strategist here at Writer Access and would be happy to help you with keyword maps, customer journey maps, and buyer personas in addition to writing for you. If you would to like to hire Rachel to devise a content strategy for you, please contact your account manager or send a direct message.