If you want to listen to a straight shooter who admittedly might swear a time or two during the presentation, then be sure to check out Josh Bernoff’s sessions during the 2019 Content Marketing Conference (CMC). Josh is the author of Writing Without Bullshit: Boost Your Career by Saying What You Mean. He ‘broke the Internet before the Kardashians’ with a blog that attracted more than two million views in its first two years, and his work was recently called the “Strunk and White for the modern knowledge worker.” With these kinds of accolades, you don’t want to miss out on Josh’s five amazing CMC sessions.

Discover The Art Of Writing Without Bullsh*t April 16th through 19th

Did you know that people typically spend 36 seconds “reading” an online news article? (And we wonder why fake news is so prevalent in the digital landscape). Tangent aside, the truth is that no one was prepared to write effectively on a cluttered read-on-a-screen world. The good news for CMC attendees is that one man, Josh Bernoff, has rapidly discovered the tips to bold, direct, and most importantly effective writing. In other words, he wants to teach you how to write without bullsh*t.

His session promises to not only be informative, but to also have a few laughs along the way. Limber-up your fingers, make sure your computer is charged and your pens are ready, because Josh’s first session on Writing Without Bullsh*t begins on April 16th at 9:00am EST and lasts for three hours. During this time you will learn how to get to the point quickly (the irony of a long session teaching you about brevity is not lost on us), purge toxic prose elements, and restructure your writing process to embrace the most efficient approaches.

This must-attend session is sure to be thrilling from the opening seconds down to the last minutes as you learn the tricks of choosing the right words, front-loading your content, and treating the reader’s time as far more valuable than your own. However, in case you want the shortened version, Josh is also presenting two 55 minute sessions on April 17th at 10:30am EST and April 19th at 9:00am EST.

Learn How (And Why) To Write A Business Book On April 18th

Do you know how to write a business book? Do you know why you should write a business book? Before you answer these questions, remember that no one knows that you are reading this blog post, which means that it’s okay to be honest and casually shake your head “no.” The good news is that Josh is here to help with this informative session on April 18th at 3:20pm EST. During the session you will learn the fundamental roadmap to publishing a book. You will also learn promotion secrets from a professional author and learn how to effectively research, structure, and write a book that your audience can stop reading.

Enjoy A Few Laughs Along The Way On April 18th

CMC will host the Comedy Marketing Keynotes Series. On April 18th at 4:30pm. Make sure that you join Josh and seven other comedy marketers as they teach you the art of being funny (in a business appropriate kind of way, of course). Learn how humor can help you to reach new levels of business growth, discover how to permanently move away from boring content, and embrace the creative freedom that comes with cracking a smile (or dare we say it giggling) as you write your next blog post. This must-attend session is sure to have you laughing as you take notes and learn a better way to improve your content marketing efforts. Whether you attend the Comedy Marketing Keynote Series or all of Josh’s sessions, you’ll be laughing, learning, and rediscovering what it means to write effectively in world of screens.


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