You go to work to, well, work. You go to business meetings to forge strategies (or catch up on naps). But when you come to a world-class Content Marketing Conference like ours, you get a chance to learn a TON and have some FUN.

Just being out of your normal surroundings puts you in high gear, out of your “normal” routine. No more worries about getting to the gym by 6 a.m., or over-achieving each and every day to feel good about life.

Instead, it’s time to work on the important things that keep you fresh and alive, like growing your network, sharing ideas on betterment, learning something new or laughing like a wild hyena—all possible with the entertainment line-up that we have put together this year.

Check out our Official Playtime Schedule below. Everyone in the sandbox!

For the LOVE of Stories
Get inspiration flowing on Wednesday evening 6 to 8 PM at the special event at the Log Me In headquarters, one block away from the Westin. Kick back and enjoy three StorySlam winners from THE MOTH, including Sara Rabidoux, Amanda Goodwin and Bethany Van Delft, hosted by Edgar Herwick from WGBH.

 Comedy Marketing Club
Laugh harder than you ever knew you could at Wednesday’s CMC Comedy Club at Laugh Boston in the Westin, 8 to 10 PM. Sponsored by Spyfu (and new family member Nacho Analytics), the event features comedians Sarah Cooper, Andrew Tarvin, David Nihill and more. Bring your laughing gear for insights on human stupidity.

Comedy Marketing Keynotes
Last year’s Comedy Marketing Keynotes received RAVE reviews, and we expect this year’s to merit the same. Find out for yourself Thursday afternoon 4 to 6 PM, when each of our eight keynotes offers a 10-minute exploration of the intersection of marketing, comedy and business growth. It’s followed by the EVOLVE reception and even more entertainment.

EVOLVE Reception Thursday
Top off all the funtastic entertainment with the grand finale: The EVOLVE reception is from 6 to 8 PM on Thursday. You’ll be treated to book signings from our speakers and keynotes, extravagant healthy foods and CMC special comedy keynote Don McMillan, Chief Comedy Officer at Technically Funny, on the stage at 7:30 PM sharp.

Don’t miss out on all the fun. Hope to see you soon!