Comedy can transform marketing into a powerhouse and cultural bastion. People love to laugh and not only do funny marketing campaigns spur discussion and traffic as a result, but they also dissipate that feeling of being sold to. But knowing how to really incorporate humor into your marketing strategy and brand voice can prove to be challenging, which is why you should check out Rachael Kay AlbersFunny Website, Unforgettable Brand: How to Build Humor into Your Web Design & Copy session and her closing Comedy Marketing keynote.

How to Use The 6 Types of Humor

If you want to drive engagement, you need the copy and approach that makes it happen. How does humor factor into your brand voice? How does it make your content relatable to your target audience?

Turns out there’s six distinct types of humor and you’ll learn all about how to put them to effective use in Rachael’s seminar. Knowing what makes people laugh is simultaneously an art and science, and people aren’t monoliths: what leaves one audience in stitches is going to fall flat with another. Developing your unique sense of humor is a challenge for brands trying to reach specific audiences, especially if you’re in an industry that’s not exactly known for opportunities to engage people with laughter like funeral homes or sheetrock manufacturers. But it turns out there’s plenty of opportunities for Very Serious Businesses to aptly use humor in their marketing without losing that seriousness yet still engaging people with humor– you just need a comedy marketing expert to show you how to do it and which of the six types of humor you should use alone or in harmony.

You can quickly and easily make over your existing website this way and forge a funnier and more engaging path forward.

Funny Copy Gets Clicks, But You Need to Know How and WHERE to Place Humor

A surprising challenge in taking a more humorous approach to your content marketing and copywriting is knowing where to focus the funny bone. Not every place is going to be appropriate for any type of humor, whether it’s an external publication or certain webpages people come to for straight answers to burning questions. A FAQ page could seem like a great opportunity to sneak in some snarky answers to commonly-asked questions– or questions that virtually never get asked– but while this could fly for a niche retail business that sells quirky home goods, it might not for a company that makes life-saving medical devices.

How can you use humor to foster customer loyalty, and get them to drive new customers to your website? Rachael’s comedy and marketing skills have helped her clients attain internet luminary status with top-selling books and podcasts and all with genuine voices that don’t employ any shady tactics.

Learn From a Visionary Creative Director and Business Comedy Show Host

Rachael describes herself as a marketer who hates marketing.

She founded RKA ink, a Chicagoland-based web design and digital marketing agency serving a variety of entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Rachael has helped several hundred clients find a distinctive voice online and turbo-boost their followings and degree of influence.

She considers comedy to be her hallmark and a critical aspect of marketing strategy that brands are often missing. She gets into this with her business comedy show, Awkward Marketing, that centers small business advice within sketch comedy and storytelling. Awkward Marketing is designed for the online entrepreneur who desires to grow a major online presence that’s inimitable and highly engaging. Rachael’s work has been featured in Inc and Huffington Post along with well-known entrepreneurship podcasts like Marketing in Yoga Pants, Make Money Your Honey, and The Entrepreneur Mastermind Show among others.

Content Marketing Conference is happy to have Rachael as a keynote speaker this year, and we hope you attend her session on effectively using humor in your copywriting and branding!


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