In an age of fierce competition, Andrew Tarvin, is ready to come to the aid of content marketers everywhere as the world’s first Humor Engineer. In his professional career, Andrew and his company Humor That Works, have helped more than 25,000 people across 250+ organizations. Relieve stress, be more productive, add a bit of good old-fashioned humor, and create happier workplaces are just a few of tactics that Andrew teaches his clients. The good news for Content Marketing Conference (CMC) goers is that Andrew will be a keynote speaker in three amazing sessions.

Attend Humor: The Art, Science, and Comedic Secrets to Cranking Out Great Content On April 18th And 19th

For the past two years, adding humor to content marketing pieces has been a hot button topic. However, in what can only be described as a twist of comedic irony, far too many content marketers don’t know how to effectively add humor. Andrew hopes to help content marketers overcome this challenge in his session Humor: The Art, Science, and Comedic Secrets to Cranking Out Great Content on April 18th at 1:30pm EST and April19th at 9:00am.

As an international comedian, Andrew is in a unique position to help content marketers embrace what it means to be funny (at least with regard to their brand, we doubt that there will be any Michael Scott inspired “that’s what she said” jokes during the session). Instead, Andrew promises to teach attendees the skills needed to punch-up (punchline pun intended) your content to achieve increased engagement levels, garner more clicks, enhance conversion rates, and of course have more fun along the way. From the step-by-step process to adding humor to content, to understanding five common humor devices, to adding a bit of humor to the workplace every Monday morning, this session will have you learning and laughing at every slide.

Check Out The Closing Keynotes: 8 Comedy Marketers On April 18th

For the second year in a row, CMS will host the Comedy Marketing Keynotes Series. On April 18th at 4:30pm, be sure to head to the main keynote stage to listen to Andrew and seven other comedy marketers discuss the art of adding comedy to marketing materials. Discover how you can use a bit of humor to achieve business growth. With the help of the funniest speakers, you too can learn how to move away from boring content, and instead embrace the freedom that comes from making a few jokes, cracking a few smiles, and having a bit of fun as you create those all important content marketing pieces.

Don’t Miss Out On Seeing Funny-man Andrew Tarvin During CMC 2019

How many people can say that they managed $350 million in business for Procter & Gamble, performed in over 1,000 comedy shows, and hold the title as the world’s first Humor Engineer? The answer … one man named Andrew Tarvin. Be sure to check out his sessions during CMC 2019 if you want to laugh, learn, and discover the secrets to producing content that wholeheartedly embraces the concept that making people smile is far better than making their eyes glaze over with boredom. You heard it hear first, Andrew Tarvin is one thought leader that you don’t want to miss.

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