Shhh! Be very quiet and don’t make any sudden moves – it took quite a bit of effort to lure these corporate comedians to the Content Marketing Conference in Boston, and we don’t want to scare them away. Observing corporate comedians in their natural habitat – on stage, in front of a live audience – is an incredibly gratifying and enlightening experience. Don’t be fooled by their camouflage of corporate attire or professional demeanor; these corporate comedians are sharp-witted, fleet footed and at the top of their game.

Watch the thrilling moment when one of these unusual, yet magnificent beasts bounds to the stage and unleashes a torrent of comedy and helpful marketing information. You’ll gasp at the awesome power of search engine optimization techniques and social media tactics, and be amazed at how swiftly you will learn how to improve your marketing ROI through comedy.

For your own safety, please keep your arms inside the vehicle as we observe these corporate comedians in their natural habitats.

Watch the Wild Side of Corporate Comedians at 2019 Content Marketing Conference

Behold this YouTube video of Don McMillan using PowerPoint presentations to make audiences laugh. As you can tell, his natural domain is computers. He started out as an electrical engineer at AT&T Bell Laboratories, where he worked on the team that designed the world’s first 32-bit microprocessor. McMillan eventually freed himself from the computer cables that bound him and now works as a corporate comedian.

Sarah Cooper observed how coworkers in her natural habitat would try to look smarter. Impressed with the prowess of everyday thinkers, Sarah began writing down her observations in a field diary that would stun John James Audubon himself. Many years later, Cooper published her findings in a hilarious blog entitled “10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings.”With more than 15 years experience in the corporate world, Sarah Cooper knows how to look smart in her natural habitat, and she wants you to look smart in yours.

Josh Bernoff allows absolutely no bullshit in his natural environment. Seriously – he wrote an entire book about it, “Writing Without Bullshit: Boost Your Career by Saying What You Mean”, and is a daily blogger at Prior to becoming a best-selling author, Bernoff spent 14 years penning product definitions, press releases and online tutorials for technology startups. He also studied mathematics in the Ph.D. program at MIT and was a National Science Foundation fellow, so you can believe him when he says something is bullshit. At this year’s Content Marketing Conference in Boston, Bernoff helps you get rid of the bullshit stinking up your domain.

Andrew Tarvin emerged from the wild world of Proctor & Gamble, where he managed multi-million dollar projects. He is the first known example of a Humor Engineer, the existence of which scientists had speculated about for years. Today, Andrew astonishes spectators by combining his business background and experience as a comedian to teach audiences how to get better results while still having fun. Tarvin also runs a company, Humor That Works that helps workers be more productive, less stressed and happier in their own surroundings.

Norm Laviolette is most comfortable breaking free from the confines and constraints of corporate life and improvising his way to success. In his 20-year reign as performer, director, producer and entrepreneur, Laviolette co-founded multi-million dollar entertainment and training business Improv Asylum, helped create the comedy club Laugh Boston, and served as CEO of Asylum Gaming and E-sports. Today, Laviolette shares some of his more effective improv tips and techniques that can transform a dull, domesticated marketing campaign into a wild beast.

Nadya Khoja is one of the more wildly unpredictable speakers you’ll encounter at Content Marketing Conference 2019 and, by her own admission, she is one of the balder speakers too. After realizing that a life in the theater would lead to tame financial growth, she decided to complete a Masters Degree in Digital Media. She accepted a job at Venngage Infographics, where she grew the organization’s revenue by 400 percent simply by using company’s free infographic tool. Fascinated by her wily ways in the corporate jungles, Forbes, Mashable, The Next Web, CBC News, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur have run feature articles about Nadya. Khoja also runs Drunk Entrepreneurs, a webseries and podcast in which she shares a few libations and secrets of success with industry leaders at the local watering holes.

David Nihill was not comfortable in the wilds of public speaking. In fact, this shy creature was terrified of appearing in front of a crowd. To overcome this, he did the only thing business school graduate could do – he pretended to be a world-famous comedian and talked people into letting him on stage. Born in Ireland, Nihill now wanders the hills of San Francisco, CA. He is the founder of FunnyBizz Conference and the author of the bestselling book, Do You Talk Funny?

Tim Washer had a diurnal career, as a serious guy at IBM, Cisco and Accenture by day and comedy writer/ funny guy by the light of the moon. Washer learned the ways of the wild from some of the wisest comedy and improv artists from across the land. Tim has also been spotted in plain view and without the use of binoculars on Saturday Night Live, Conan O’Brien and HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He was also seen at corporate events at Cisco, IBM, Google, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and even at The White House.

Come to the 2019 Content Marketing Conference in Boston to see these corporate comedians and other marketing wildlife in their natural habitat.

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