Every content marketer who’s got a finger on the industry’s pulse knows that video is the hottest thing right now. Scripted video, live video, long segments and tiny shareable clips– video’s where content marketing is going to have to focus a lot of muscle.

But while there’s certain things you can do with video that you can’t with images alone or the written word, video production and editing bring additional challenges to the table. After all, if you omit a word or decide the way something is worded just isn’t working out, you can easily rewrite or delete them but video makes this inherently more difficult. Chances are you’ve even made this grim discovery while trying to produce videos and find that they’re just not getting the message across whether it was due to poor planning or editing, or simply having a hard time properly communicating your message with video when you had no problems in other mediums.

Fear no more. The 2019 Content Marketing Conference is happy to host video production expert Andrew Davis for his Video Marketing Makeover session!

Are Your Video Marketing Efforts Falling Flat?

Testimonials and case studies have joined other types of content in the pivot to video in recent years. There’s something inimitable about the human touch that getting a happy client or influencer on camera that just can’t be done with a whitepaper or blog post. But there’s a catch: this type of video content is often not as engaging to your audience as it is to you. Everyone’s seen the same footage of a client talking about using your solution and discussing how it changed their lives, and this type of video just isn’t engaging to them.  Your features and benefits can be easily found on your website, and more videos making the same point heighten that feeling of being sold to.

Even if you’ve got an awesome production team on your side, production values can’t save a script that misses the mark or a concept that’s just not properly communicating the point your brand is striving to make. But you don’t need to start from the ground up with a completely new video. You can actually work with a lot of the footage and effects you already have, it’s now a matter of knowing how to add spice and drama to your video so it catches your audience’s attention from the get-go.

Never written a video script before? No problem. You’ll get plenty out of the Video Marketing Makeover session since you’ll learn the ABCs of writing a script for video content purposes so you won’t hit walls with this very same dilemma in the future. Learn from a noted video and digital marketing expert how you can create a highly-engaging video script and immediately start using it!

Learn From an Expert Video Producer with Major Network Experience

Andrew Davis brings his vast video production and digital marketing experience to the table at Content Marketing Conference this year. A former producer for NBC (Today Show, The Muppets) and documentary maker, Andrew went on to form a successful digital marketing agency focusing on video content for everyone from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Andrew brings his diverse videography and production experience to CMC attendees who are struggling with making video content that resonates. His insider knowledge of how live and reality TV producers write, edit, and and run video shoots will lend valuable insights into both why and how your current video marketing efforts aren’t having the effects you’d like.

The intense 4-hour Video Marketing Makeover session will be dedicated to creating or re-working your video script that you can immediately put to work and see what kind of results you get now. As a dynamic keynote speaker and video producer, Andrew knows how to inject drama and increase stakes into even the most innocuous-seeming video content so that you get a gripping story that leaves your audience wanting more.

Whether you’re shooting your first video or looking to rework old footage into something with more crackle and pizzazz, you won’t want to miss Andrew’s video marketing makeover workshop. Andrew is also giving the keynote speech to get the conference off to the right start and get everyone engaged for the enthralling sessions to come!

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