We’ll let you in on a secret, content planning is essential to successful content marketing. Your content takes your audience members on a journey. The difference between well-planned and unplanned content is like the difference between a planned road trip and just driving. You’re more likely to get where you want to go with planning.

At the 2019 Content Marketing Conference (CMC), we have amazing workshops covering the latest content planning methodology, trends, emerging technology, and more!

Planning Your Message

Crafting brand-driven messages requires a different focus than other forms of content creation like journalism or even traditional copywriting. You walk a fine line between persuasion, entertainment, and information. Author Margot Bloomstein will walk you through hands-on exercises in her highly interactive workshop Brand: Building a Brand-Driven Message Architecture. She’s the author of Content Strategy at Work: Real-World Stories to Strengthen Every Interactive Engagement and principal of Appropriate, Inc.

Building Your Content Infrastructure

Creating all this quality content requires time, skills, and expertise. Sooner or later, you may need help. You won’t want to miss the CMC session The Content Contributor Pipeline: Build It And They Will Come with Lindsay Marder the Co-Founder of Digital Strategy Boot Camps. This dynamic session includes insights and actionable advice on how to develop your editorial guidelines, work with influencers and content contributors, and develop stellar content.

Using her variation of the classic 5 Ws of journalism, content marketing veteran Margaret Magnarelli will teach you about Building the Brand Newsroom from Scratch: Low Budget Strategy for High ROI. Magnarelli is an experienced journalist as well as a content marketer. She’s currently the Senior Director of Marketing at Monster, the leading global platform for connecting jobs and people.

Planning and Evaluating Content That is On-Point

The title says it all, join Paxton Gray for your Planning Master Guide: Tips, Tactics, and Tools for Content Marketing Success. Gray is the Vice President of Operations for 97th Floor, an agency that produced campaigns for brands like CapitalOne, Discover, ESPN, and Salesforce.

Sometimes people overlook the importance of evaluation to the content planning process. Don’t make that mistake! A content audit offers brand and audience-specific insights that help you take your content to the next level. Be sure to join our CMC session on Advanced Planning: Performing a Content Audit with Scoring to learn techniques in evaluating and scoring your existing content. Use that information to further optimize your content to drive more awareness, sales, and goodwill among potential and existing customers.

We’ve said it before but it is worth repeating. Your best content marketing strategy starts with content planning. CMC is your place to learn the latest tools, strategies, and techniques for content that amplifies your brand and speaks to your ideal audience. Wherever they are in their buyer journey is exactly where you want to meet your audience.

In addition to sessions on content planning, but sure to check out some of our sessions on content strategy, content creation and distribution. We offer the tools you need to be even more of a content rockstar than you already are!



Sam S
Sam S. writes reader-friendly content that is also SEO-friendly. Blogging, marketing, and social media are among Sam’s top interests. She transformed her hobby into a content writing career. She studies to keep up with best practices in blogging, social media, SEO, internet communications, WordPress and inbound marketing. She maintains two blogs and contributes guest posts to other blogs. She also manages her own business social media accounts and writes social media content for clients.