The content marketing roundup starts off the year with a bang. Featured articles this week are loaded with cool and original tips for killing it with content marketing in 2019.

Read on to find out:

  • Creative content marketing ideas for February, what the Game is, and why you already lost
  • New keyword research strategies due to search algorithm updates
  • How content marketing is like a first date
  • How B2C content marketing is like a commitment
  • How to make your content go from so-so to great
  • And Wayne Gretzky wisdom that’s a great content marketing strategy.

Enjoy and happy New Year, content marketers!

The Latest Content Marketing Trends and Ideas for 2019

5 Content Marketing Ideas for February 2019 via PracticalEcommerce
PracticalEcommerce presents five creative tips (plus one bonus!) for crafting content to engage your readers this February. Warning: Reading this article will cost you the Game.

Five Content Marketing Trends For 2019: What You Need To Know via TechBullion
These top five content marketing trends have appeared on nearly every recent trend list because they are critical to staying competitive in the online marketplace this year.

Commentary: Getting content marketing right in 2019 via buzz in content
This insightful commentary by Akansha Mihir Mota provides an honest look at why some content marketing falls flat and why others nail it. Spoiler alert – content marketing is like a first date.

7 Essential Questions You Must Ask to Create a Successful Content Marketing Plan for 2019 via Inc.
These thought-provoking marketing questions will help you craft an optimal content marketing strategy to get the maximum results this year.

10 Trends in Digital Content for 2019: Management is Vital to Success via Marketing Land
These rising technological trends in digital content are transforming the landscape for profitable content marketing campaigns in 2019.

Winter Is Coming: What Does This Mean For Marketing In 2019? via Forbes
Forbes offers valuable tips for utilizing SEO, video content, AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, and social media this year. Plus, Wayne Gretzky’s words of wisdom that also happens to be a good content marketing strategy.

Essential Strategies for Impactful Content Marketing

5 Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Business via PromotionWorld
For the novice content marketer or even the seasoned one that wants to get their strategy back on track, PromotionWorld details the purpose and statistically proven benefits of content marketing.

What a Difference Commitment Makes When It Comes to B2C Content Marketing via Martech Series
If content marketing is the first date, then B2C content marketing is a long-term commitment. View the latest findings on how B2C content marketers with strong commitment have more impact here.

From Keywords To Intent: How To Do Research For Your Content Strategy via Forbes
Here Forbes explains how search engine algorithm updates have changed keyword use and research strategies and provides handy tips and tools for creating topics for SEO in 2019.

[Emotional Marketing] How to Win the Heart of Customers in Holiday Season via CustomerThink
These eight emotional marketing strategies are surefire techniques that big brands use to grab customers’ attention – and get results.

5 Tips to Take Your Branded Content from Good to Great via The Business Journals
With the skyrocketing presence of branded content in digital media, these five pointers are critical for cutting through the noise and maximizing your ROI.