This roundup promises to feed your content marketing predictions for the new year fix.

Content marketing trends that emerged in 2018 and what lies ahead is all the buzz this week. The roundup this week includes expert insights on the most impactful predictions for content marketing, tech and financial content marketing, demand generation marketing, and SEO for content in 2019. Plus, learn how to perform a year-end content health checkup and how to promote in content without sounding promotional.

Happy new year, content marketers. May 2019 be full of inspired content creation!

Content Marketing Predictions and Trends for 2019

State of the Content Marketing Union: What Emerged in 2018 and What’s Next for 2019 via Martech Series
Martech reflects on content marketing trends that emerged in 2018 and that are certain to play out in 2019 including the one blogging platform paving the landscape for content creation next year.

5 Trends in Technology Content Marketing to Watch in 2019 via Skyword
Here’s a useful compilation of strategies for technology brands to leverage next year for deeper consumer connection and attracting new clients.

7 Interesting Content Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2019 via CMSWire
The content marketing industry is anticipated to be worth a massive $412 billion in two years. These experts offer cutting-edge insights into the top trends expected to dominate content marketing in 2019 and beyond.

4 Expert Predictions for Demand Generation in 2019 via ClickZ
With results from the 2018 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey Report, these four experts don’t need a crystal ball to reveal four essential demand generation marketing predictions for 2019.

5 SEO Trends to Help Marketing Leaders Prepare for 2019 via Forbes
In addition to content marketing trends, SEO trends remain vital if you’re using content to improve your brand’s search rankings. Check out these five trends to ensure your content is SEO-ready for 2019.

10 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019 via Entrepreneur
Pay close attention to the marketing trends that appear on multiple lists. However, content marketers should take special note of numbers, 2, 7, and 8 on this list. Chances are you haven’t thought of number 7!

Content Marketing Strategies and Hacks

How to Perform a Year-End Content Marketing Retrospective via Skyword
Year-end is the ideal time to reflect on what worked, and what didn’t, in your business’s content marketing campaign. This article suggests some great tips for performing an analysis of your business’s content marketing health in 2018.

How To Promote Without Being Promotional via Forbes
Forbes suggests these three timeless practices for traversing that fine line in content marketing that promotes without sounding dreadfully promotional.

Now is the Winter of Our Missed Content: Changes in SEO Practice Are Closing Gaps… and Opening Opportunities via Business 2 Community
A subtle Richard III reference combined with useful SEO strategies in a world of ever-changing algorithms will help your business rule as content marketing victor in 2019.

State of Fintech Marketing: 3 Content Ideas to Improve ROI via Business 2 Community
This piece offers three highly effective forms of written content for financial technology marketing with some advice on creating and re-purposing high-quality content to get the maximum ROI for less.


Happy New Year–see you in 2019!