Hacks, tools, and futurist trends top the content marketing roundup this week. You’ll learn how Bloody Mary Day (yes, it’s a real day!) brings the party to your content next month, pick up hacks for startups and e-commerce businesses, get ideas for cutting marketing costs without giving up the results, and even uncover strategies for overcoming content writer’s block.

Also, take a peek at content marketing trends for the future including how brands are using chatbots to humanize their content. Plus, find out what the #1 rated content marketing platform for the third year in a row was and a whole lot more.

Content Marketing Hacks

Three Tools To Put In Your Content Marketing Toolkit Now via Forbes
For small businesses, these top three trends in thought leadership content marketing – that aren’t blog posts – are must-haves for your toolbox next year.

Marketing and Growth Hacks for Startups via Entrepreneur
Aside from creating the perfect product, startups need to focus on marketing from day one. This column offers insights and the two questions you must be able to answer to make your content stand out amongst the competition.

5 Content Marketing Ideas for January 2019 via PracticalECommerce
Did you know January 1st is National Bloody Mary Day? Neither did we. Here are five killer content marketing ideas based on some pretty curious national days in January you didn’t know existed.

How to Boost E-commerce Business Using Content via Entrepreneur
If you have an e-commerce business, then don’t miss these ten critical strategies to create compelling content marketing resulting in more sales.

10 Types of Content & How To Use Them via Business 2 Community
This piece aims to get content marketers to think beyond blogging and videos by offering ten unique, and often underestimated, ways to engage with content.

10 Ways To Cut Marketing Costs Before the End of the Year via Entrepreneur
Year-end marks the time to re-evaluate the content marketing budget for the following year. Entrepreneur offers several practical strategies for cutting marketing expenditures without sacrificing results.

Overcoming Writer’s Block for Content Marketers via Business 2 Community
Keep your content creation fresh and avoid creating dull content that falls flat with these five cool tips for defeating content writer’s block.

Trends and Insights for Content Marketing

9 Futurist & Must-Know Content Marketing Insights via Business Matters Magazine
Faster smartphones and internet connections have birthed these increasingly prominent technological trends in content marketing.

3 Content Marketing Trends for 2019 via Business 2 Community
Now looking beyond current technological trends, these three ongoing content marketing strategies will continue to be critical next year.

Why Content Marketers Don’t Want Instant Gratification via Marketing Land
This article slaps you with the cold, hard truth about how expecting immediate results from content marketing efforts sets you up for failure, and what yields long-term results.

How to Effectively Leverage Conversational AI for Content Marketing via Martech Advisor
Users now spend more time on messaging platforms than social feeds. See how brands, as a result, are currently looking to apply conversational AI via chatbots to help humanize their brand.

Content Marketing News

DivvyHQ Voted Top Content Marketing Platform – Again via Silicon Prairie News
Find out why fans voted DivvyHQ as the top content marketing platform for the third year in a row.