This edition of the content marketing roundup is full of trends, ideas, and insight for expert and novice marketers alike. You’ll find out what’s hot for November (hint: it’s not Thanksgiving), what’s epic for 2019, the art and science of marketing to Generation Z, how to refresh your stale content, what content marketing’s biggest problem is and how to solve it, and tons more. And in case you were dying to know, the perfect length of content marketing videos revealed by AI. Read on!

Ideas, Problem Solving, and Content Marketing Secrets

5 Content Marketing Ideas for November 2018 via PracticalECommerce
Are you content-ready for Fibonacci Day? An indispensable guide to the upcoming trends for November – some you’ve probably never heard of – in the United States and worldwide that will skyrocket your engagement.

Top 9 Epic Ways To Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral In 2019 via Moss Media
This comprehensive list of 9 tips for creating and promoting viral blogs is epic.

5 Critical Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid If You Want Increased Brand Building ROI via Black Enterprise
Not happy with your ROI? Be sure you aren’t making these critical content marketing mistakes.

You’re Demonstrating Content Marketing ROI. Now How Do You Scale for Growth? via Skyword
Happy with your ROI? Here are eight crucial steps for creating a scalable content strategy that will generate a sustainable ROI well into the future.

How to Use Content Marketing to Build a Strong Business Brand? (Infographic) via Business 2 Community
A colorful infographic with statistics and advice in 5 key areas of content marketing implementation to build a successful business brand.

8 Secrets to High-Performance Content Marketing that Drives Business Results via Martech Advisor
SVP of marketing at Contently, Henry Bruce, shares his practical secrets for creating a high-performance content marketing strategy that delivers and is sustainable.

How To Solve Content Marketing’s Biggest Problem via Forbes
Businesses continue to publish, publish, and publish yet often fail to get results or even attract an audience. This piece outlines a clear path for solving this problem and achieving a connection with your audience.

10 Ways to Refresh a Stale Content Marketing Strategy via Small Business Trends
If you’ve been around awhile and are seeing engagement decline, then you’ll love this list of 10 ways to breathe some new life into your content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide via Taboola Blog
Brand new to content marketing? This comprehensive guide takes you step-by-step from the definition of content marketing to how to create a strategy.

Hottest Content Marketing Trends and Insight

Content Marketing Trends Shaping 2018 via Business 2 Community
2018 is coming to a close – here are the 5 top trends to rise out of the content marketing world and most likely will continue to be a force in 2019.

The Art and Science of Content Marketing For Gen Z by Martech Advisor
Marketing to the next generation that’s been inundated with digital content their whole lives requires this holistic approach that engages both the left and right brain.

90% of Top Content Marketers Aim to be Useful, Not Promotional [STUDY] via Search Engine Journal
A summary of the results of CMI’s 2019 Content Marketing Research Report, revealing the key content marketing strategies plus one of the most significant missed opportunities in the industry right now.

Artificial Intelligence Names 3m 54s the ‘Perfect Length’ for Video Content Marketing via Business Wire
The CONCURED artificial intelligence platform analyzed over 4,000 videos of the 15 most valuable global brands to discover the “Goldilocks” length of content marketing videos. Check out this piece to find out which brands delivered the best results.

Latest Content Marketing News

Content Marketing Players Storyation & NewsCred Unite via Bandt
Australian content agency Storyation announces a strategic partnership with the world’s leading content marketing platform NewsCred.


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