Whether you’re already a successful brand or a small business that doesn’t know where to begin, this week’s content marketing roundup has got you covered. You’ll learn how to overcome writer’s block, create high-quality videos on a budget, add powerful storytelling to your content, and how to make your content marketing interactive for more engagement. You will also learn how Papier made stationery totally cool, how Alexa markets for five major brands, and how content that reaches baby boomers is so not your grandma’s marketing.

Content Marketing Tips, Tools, and Troubleshooting

7 Tools for Content Creators to Survive Writer’s Block and Stay Productive via Entrepreneur
Need a new blog post or video today, but hit with writer’s block? This article presents seven invaluable online tools for not only generating new ideas but also discovering the topics most relevant and trending.

Three Ways To Keep Your Content Marketing Team Sharp via Forbes
How content marketing is, surprisingly, a lot like mixed martial arts and powerful solutions for keeping your marketing team on top of their game.

5 Expert Opinions on Interactive Content Marketing via Martech Advisor
Industry experts share their knowledge and best practices for using interactive content marketing for greater audience engagement and higher conversion rates.

Long-Form Content Marketing Drives Engagement, Not Advertising via CustomerThink
In today’s overcrowded market, the solution to achieving visibility, trust, and authority is, shockingly, long-form content marketing. Why long-form content is grabbing more attention and how to execute it effectively.

5 Challenges of Interactive Content Marketing and How to Overcome Them via Martech Advisor
Solutions to the most common interactive content marketing roadblocks and how to get more insight into your customers and higher conversion rates.

How to Create High-Quality Marketing Videos for Cheap via Inc.
Who doesn’t want both high-quality and to save money? Here are five tools and inventive tips for producing high-quality marketing videos inexpensively for both small business owners and big brands alike.

Innovation in Content Marketing

How to Use Story Structure with Informative Content Marketing Pieces via Skyword
Though you might not think of yourself as a novelist, this piece provides a powerful template for compelling storytelling and how weaving it into your content will capture and keep your audience’s attention.

Lessons For the World Beyond Interruption via The Drum
This edited excerpt from the new book The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing offers ten insights on the future of branding, and the critical role content will likely play.

The Role of Content Marketing in Building an Effective Employer Brand via Skyword
Illuminating how content marketing goes beyond just attracting customers and is being used by brands to recruit top quality talent and strengthen employee engagement.

Shoppable Content Meets Brand Storytelling: A Marketing Power Duo via Skyword
How some of the most famous brands in fashion have ingeniously combined shoppable content with storytelling to drive some of their most significant sales.

Noteworthy News and Trends in Content Marketing

Papier, the Stationery Brand Using Partnerships, Content Marketing & Events via Econsultancy
How Papier brought the “cool” back into stationery products and won over the millennials with inventive design and content marketing.

Survey: Boom In Content Marketing Continues As Marketers Increase Spending via Forbes
The latest research in the content marketing spending boom across industries that prove it’s a strategy that will not be disappearing any time soon.

Content Marketing Reaches Baby Boomers via PracticalECommerce
Speaking of the boom, did you know baby boomers are just as likely to shop online as millennials? The statistically most effective platforms and types of content marketing for reaching the 54 to 72 year old demographic.

Interactive Content Marketing: How Alexa Skills Are Leading The Line via Martech Advisor
Five major brands are using Alexa Skills and revolutionizing interactive content marketing by audibly interacting with customers via Amazon’s Alexa.

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