The weekly roundup of 9/17/18 dishes on all the latest content marketing goodies. Find out if you stink at marketing, review 22 tools for marketing a startup, learn how to be a better human, discover the top trends that emerged from Content Marketing World 2018, and learn what blockchain is doing to content marketing. Read on, marketing friend!

Inspiration and Troubleshooting Your Content Marketing

Three Ways To Diversify Your Marketing Strategy After Explosive Social Media Growth via Forbes
Relying on just a few social media platforms can be a frightening proposition if one of them should fail. This article details three essential tips for planning while diversifying your social media reach.

Do You Stink at Ecommerce Content Marketing? Find Inspiration in These 6 Big-Name Brands via Entrepreneur
Everybody hates to stink, especially at content marketing! So check out how these six big, but very diverse, brands are absolutely crushing the content they provide.

The 5 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing via Hospitality Net
And if you don’t want to stink, you don’t want to sin. This piece bluntly lays out the most common marketing turn-offs in the hospitality industry. However, these blunders apply to content marketing in any industry.

Improve Your Content Marketing with These 4 SEO Tools via Business 2 Community
Simple but beneficial analytics tools to help you optimize content and increase website visibility.

Hacks and Essential Tools For Content Marketing

22 Tools to Improve Content Marketing Strategy for Early-Stage Startup via Tech Pluto
A helpful list of tools, many you might not know about that are invaluable for early-stage startups. Even if you’re not brand new, take a peek in case you’re not already benefitting from these gems.

How to Measure Your Interactive Content Marketing Efforts via Martech Advisor
Seven marketing metrics that are a must for tracking and getting the most out of your interactive content marketing.

Making Email the Cornerstone of Industrial Content Marketing via Customer Think
Think email marketing was so last decade? Think again. This article perfectly illustrates why email marketing is still the foundation of industrial content marketing.

Conversation Marketing Hacks: Eight Ways To “Speak Human” via Innovation Enterprise
Paralleling the rise of AI tools in content marketing is the need to create meaningful connections with people. This piece offers important insight on how to effectively execute “conversation marketing,” and be a better human, too.

Trends and the Future of Content Marketing

Top Trends in Content Marketing: Themes from Content Marketing World 2018 via Business 2 Community
The five most common themes and trends that emerged from the diverse panel of experts recently attending Content Marketing World 2018.

Is It Time for Us to Be Transparent About the Marketing in Content Marketing? Via Skyword
A thought-provoking piece about the extreme shift from in-your-face commercial marketing to a more subtle infotainment-giving approach. This article explores how brands are currently bringing more transparency into their content to gain back their audience’s trust.

Why Immersive Content is the Future of Content Marketing via TechRadar Pro
Exploring four different types of immersive content, like virtual reality, that can add a unique perspective to your marketing and more engagement from your audience.

The Latest Marketing News

Blockchain Technology Is Disrupting the Massive Content Marketing Industry via Nasdaq
How platforms like Steemit are revolutionizing content creation with blockchain technology, allowing creators to earn revenue from the value and popularity of their work rather than relying on advertisements.

Third-Party Influencer Marketing Platforms Can Now Access Pinterest’s Content Marketing API via Adweek
Brands and influencers will now have access to Pinterest’s API, providing informative analytics to help them craft more effective marketing campaigns and improve ROI.


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