Influencer marketing has grown exponentially in just the past few years, thanks to the high ROI and low cost of working with influencers. The key to influencer marketing success is to target the right influencers and to forge lasting connections with your chosen bloggers, Instagram users and personalities. According to Neal Schaffer, author of a forthcoming book on the power of influencer marketing and #CMC18 speaker, using this approach to connect with prospects and get your product in front of new audiences can propel your organization towards success.

Benefits of Working with Influencers

The right influencers for your brand will have a built-in audience that is a good match for the product or service you sell. Your influencers will already have established trust and made a connection with their audience – some of this good will transfer to you when that influencer talks about your brand. Capitalizing on this requires targeting the right influencer, providing them with support and rewarding them in some way.

Targeting Influencers

The ideal influencer for your brand may have a YouTube channel, Instagram feed or a popular blog; when you target influencers, looking at their audience and the information the influencer shares can help you determine if you are a good match. Working up a profile of your ideal influencer (audience, approach, alignment) can help you narrow down the field of prospects and make a wise selection.

Metrics Matter

Metrics are a part of the decision-making process – but using the right analytics is key to finding influencers that will perform well for your brand. Someone with a sky-high follower count might seem to be the ideal choice, but according to Schaffer, influencers with smaller audiences often outperform their larger counterparts. The key metric to watch is engagement. An influencer with millions of followers but low engagement won’t be as valuable as one with only a few thousand dedicated and involved fans.

Build a Relationship

Identifying an influencer who could benefit your brand is just the beginning; if you forge a relationship, you’ll both benefit in the long run. Provide your influencers with the tools they need to succeed but let them take their own unique approach to content – after all, that content is what resonates with their audience best. Provide your chosen influencers with promo codes, items to give away and some inside scoop to share, so they can craft a compelling story on your behalf.

Influencer marketing may still be in its infancy, but this field is rapidly growing, thanks to robust ROI and low costs. If you want to reach new audiences and amplify your message, now is the time to begin working with influencers in your field.


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