How can you be sure that your readers, visitors and audience will remember you after that initial click or download? Speaker John Hall tackled this topic during a dynamic and engaging CMC session covering trust, engagement and forging a lasting connection with prospects and customers. Here are highlights of his session, “Build Brand Trust & Dominate Your Industry”:

Engagement is Memorable

How many businesses do you connect with in a day – and how many do you actually remember or think about again? Chances are, the brands you remember best included some kind of human engagement. Hall recommends putting service and engagement first, from simple manners (thanking a customer for the sale or their time) to probing how well your brand is doing, and then believing the answers.

All Feedback is Helpful

As Hall points out, all feedback from consumers is helpful for your brand; in fact, the negative or not-so-enthusiastic voices may be more beneficial for you than the cheerleaders in the long run. Those who care enough to comment, to let you know that something is less than ideal or who take the time to share their not-so-positive experience are doing you a huge favor and should be thanked accordingly. For Hall, every complaint or suggestion is a chance to improve and a chance to connect. Seize these opportunities and your response will resonate far past the initial person who voiced a concern.

Tell Your Authentic Story

Individuals are bombarded daily with ads, advertorials, social media campaigns and outreach of all types; most of us have gotten very good at weeding out the fake or phony and homing in on the real and authentic. Sharing part of your own story, flattering or not, can help break through the noise and will resonate with your prospects and followers.

Be Memorable

Want to be remembered? Be memorable. Hall himself demonstrated this by sharing a childhood story – complete with song – that attendees will not soon forget. Being willing to get out there, share an authentic story and follow through when asked meant that his conference session and the other details shared resonated with attendees long after the conference ended.

Hall is a comfortable and accomplished speaker who can easily captivate the room with humor and lively movement, while relaying key messages. For those wishing to become more memorable or to make a resonating connection with an audience, Hall’s talk delivered as promised.


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