While there has been a lot of attention on making content appeal to Millennials over the past couple of years, a new group of young consumers is poised to change the landscape of almost every industry: Generation Z.

Also known as iGeneration, Generation Z consists of young people born between the years 1996 and 2010. The target market for Generation Z right now is consumers ages 11 through 16. Although Generation Z has some similarities to the generation before (Millennials), there are some crucial differences–so you can’t simply replicate what you are doing with Millennials if you want to reach Generation Z. You’ll fail to capture their attention if you don’t understand their brands, interests, and way of life.

There is no one better to help you understand Generation Z than Sarah Weise, the Principal of market research company Brilliant Experience, who recently undertook a large-scale study of Gen Z behaviors, attitudes and thoughts. Sarah shared what her team found out about Generation Z in her Content Marketing Conference session, Instagram: Snap into the Minds of Gen Y and Z Customers. Let’s take a look:

#1 They Don’t Care About Celebrities

Researchers at Brilliant Experience found that kids and young adults are not thinking about celebrities: they couldn’t care less what Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are doing. Generation Z tends to shy away from big celebrities like Millie Bobby Brown, Calvin Klein model and star of Netflix’s hit show, Stranger Things. These stars are difficult to connect with because of their unattainable lifestyles. They’re “not real,” say many Generation Xers.

Instead, they’re looking for authenticity. The iconic blue jean brand, Levi’s, seems to understand this. They have recently experienced a comeback thanks to Generation Z. Young people love the brand, in large part for Levi’s choice of using authentic, “everyday people” as brand ambassadors.

#2 You Won’t Find them on Facebook

If you are looking to connect with Generation Z on Facebook, you won’t have any luck. Weise says that Generation Z considers Facebook to be for “parents,” so they don’t use it. On the other hand, they do spend hours a day on Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. Make sure that your content and message is focused on these sites if you want to have the hope of connecting with Generation Z.

#3 They Like To Collect Ideas

Thanks to digital technopoly, Gen-Zers are natural aggregators who like to collect ideas and information. Teenagers are processing more information than ever before and are used to collecting and organizing data and insights–these skills are second nature for them. So consider putting your content into “collections” and making them “Pinterest ready” if you want to attract Gen-Zers looking for inspiration.

#4 They Want To Save Time

Weise says that Generation Z is obsessed with time. They are bombarded with information and never seem to have enough time for everything. Gen-Zers tend to stay up later than previous generations and are always on the hunt for tips to help them save time. They are delighted with creators who offer clever time-saving hacks–so see what you can come up with that’s short and sweet…kind of like this post!


Emily M is a former private practice psychotherapist by trade and began her freelance writing career developing psychology and medical-related content. She discovered a passion for writing and has since created a broad range of content, including press releases, product descriptions, blog posts, website content, SEO articles and a number of other articles.