Who has time to write all this code we need to make digital marketing sing? (Still thinking?) Exactly. No one. That’s why we love Brandcast. Let’s get to know more about this fabulous company and what they have to offer the content marketing universe.

Brandcast Keeps Marketers Away from Code

“Brandcast has some pretty nifty solutions,” says Byron White, “and I’m personally looking for a deep dive on the exhibit floor.”

They offer a platform that makes it easy for non-technical digital content builders (like us) to create engaging, customized, interactive web experiences. It’s perfect for the development (but with no need to code!) of corporate websites, event sites, product sites, digital collateral, and of course, content marketing.

What types of content marketing? Use your imagination. A few ideas are interactive infographics, research reports, and look books. Instead of sending a customer to a traditional webpage or delivering a printable PDF, why not treat them to an interactive webpage that provides a more immersive experience—an experience that just might be more likely lead to lead to a conversion?

Brandcast Makes it Fun to Design Web Experiences (Again, without coding!)

Like they say on their website, “Welcome to the new era of web creation: code-free, design-first, enterprise-grade, and run by creators.” That about sums it up!

We’re only scratching the surface here, but Brandcast gives customers (non-coders) tons of support so they know exactly how to create their own digital experiences without coding. User-friendly video tutorials, for starters, provide easy-to-understand guidance for how to structure pages and apply style elements so end-result is easy to navigate digital experience that looks beautiful.

See? Brandcast loves content marketing. Their tools help us create more engaging content. We’re so pleased to welcome them at CMC!

Take a look at their website and meet their team in person at CMC18. Register today!