If you’d like to know how Jenn LeBlanc has delivered $1.5B in new revenue to clients including Microsoft, Intel, PeopleSoft, and numerous life sciences and tech startups, you’re in luck. She’s speaking at #CMC18, where she’ll will share her secrets to launching companies, products, and services—and how content marketing can be employed to help generate (lots of) profitable leads.

Get a preview of Jenn’s insights in her Speaker Q&A:


Q: What excites you most about presenting at CMC18?
A: It’s most exciting knowing that I will be part of a huge community of folks who are committed to content marketing, who truly get it. I’m very excited to share the success we have had with content marketing via social media. I’ll be sharing a case study from my book, Launching for Revenue: How to Launch Your Product, Service, or Company for Maximum Growth. This will be the debut of the book and I can’t think of a better place to share it!

Q: Why is NOW the time to master content marketing?
A: Content marketing is an extremely powerful tool—if it is well-developed and paired with a precise strategy. In today’s digital world, it is imperative that all marketers have a solid understanding of the fundamentals and relentlessly execute. Knowing what type of content is most engaging and when the audience typically engages with it is essential to great execution of content marketing.

Q: What does it take to connect with customers today—and how can great content do that?
A: People today are inundated with content and don’t like to feel that they are being sold to when they are consuming content. This is why it is crucial that we as marketers focus on the quality, rather than the quantity, of content. We need to create a conversation with our audience and offer helpful information that is actually useful, funny or inspiring. Great content doesn’t overwhelm with dense text, it focuses on approachable short snippets that are easily digestible. Incorporating great visuals or even audio can help make it easier for people to consume your content.

Q: If there was just one thing you could convince all content marketers to do, what would that be?
A: Focus on the human connection. Before you even start developing your content, you need to clearly articulate who you are speaking to through a great persona profile. Having this allows your team to build marketing that truly engages and inspires your target audience while ensuring brand consistency. It’s just so much easier to be human when you are targeting an audience of one.


Learn more about Jenn and be sure to catch her session, Case Study – Non Profit? No Worries. How We Drove Triple Digit Success with a Tight Budget, on May 4 from 1:15pm-1:55pm.