Content Marketing Intensified

Advance your content marketing savvy with our half day content marketing certification workshop offering the core foundation you need to grow your business organically– the content marketing way.

Workshop Instructor

Arnie is the CEO of Vertical Measures, a search, social and content marketing company helping clients get more traffic, more leads, and more business. Arnie is a frequent speaker, author of two books, and instructor for the Online Marketing Institute and the Content Marketing Institute.


Strategy Development


Without a strategy, your content can’t go far. Explore the different ways to plan your content by asking the right questions before you even get started. Who is my audience? Who am I? What content can I create? And most importantly: what should be different a year from now?

Content Creation


There are many ways to create content, but what’s right for your business? Get schooled on the types of formats that are available to you: blogs, webinars, free guides, infographics, videos, etc. Walk away with an understanding of all the available possibilities and which may work best for you.

Content Promotion


Give your content legs by understanding the promotional landscape today and how a little money or a little networking goes a long way. Go in depth into which platforms and techniques are most effective, and how to get more eyes on your content.

Lead Nurture


You’ve done all the work to generate traffic and conversions from your content marketing, but now what? Don’t let your leads sit there untouched. Walk away with the knowledge of how automation and email nurturing works to move your leads closer to a sale.



You have a plan, now you need the ideas to implement it with. Discover hundreds of ways to come up with topic ideas through online tools, polls and brainstorming, and other research-based methods. No business is too boring for content; you just need to know where to look.



You can’t just press Publish and expect the traffic to start flowing in. You need to optimize your content to be found, by both humans and the search bots. Learn how to set up your content properly for success and be found for the search terms and phrases people are looking for.



There are channels out there that can help increase the visibility of your content more than you could on your own. House your content on platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Slideshare and more. Learn what platforms are most effective for what and how to utilize them to fulfill your content marketing goals.



Measurement is a consistent process that should be happening all along the content marketing journey. Get acquainted with the tools to use to understand your successes and failures. Learn how to adjust your content strategy to get the most optimal performance in the future.