Vesselin Popov

Business Development Director, Cambridge University

Vesselin Popov

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Vesselin Popov is the Business Development Director for the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, a multidisciplinary research institute specialising in online behaviour and psychological assessment. He puts cutting-edge academic research into practice and combines Big Data methods with psychological theory to create impact in business, education, health and society.

Vess also coordinates Apply MagicSauce, a battery of predictive algorithms based on over 6 million users’ psychological and social media data. Apply Magic Sauce API translates digital footprints of human behaviour into accurate psycho-demographic profiles. This tool has had a tremendous impact on public awareness around predictive technologies (serving up to 150,000 users a day) as well as revolutionising data-driven communications campaigns. Vess works with agencies and brands to personalise content around the psychological traits of their customers and is an expert in the ethical implementation of these techniques.

Keynote: Vesselin Popov

Keynote Date & Time: May 3, 4:15pm – 4:45pm

Description: Psychometrics is the science of psychological and behavioral measurement, but what does it have to do with content marketing? Vesselin Popov (University of Cambridge) is applying the latest academic research to online campaigns, and using Big Data and psychometrics to transform the creative process. His work on predicting psychological traits from social media and optimizing messages to individuals has helped brands to significantly improve campaign performance and to build greater trust with their customers. These techniques have since been imitated by others, but with critical failings in the ethical aspects of implementation. Vess will show you how to implement these technologies responsibly and blow traditional segmentation out of the water without creeping out your customers.