Taylor Rose

VP E-Commerce, Progrexion

Taylor Rose


Taylor is the VP of E-Commerce at Progrexion. His role in organizations is to form a cohesion between customer acquisition strategies and the technologies on which they’re dependent. He has built and managed web properties responsible for attracting millions of monthly visitors and nearly 1 billion dollars in lifetime revenue.


Session Name: 3 Rs of Website Optimization

Session Date & Time: May 3, 2:20pm-3:00pm

Description: High-performing websites are like living, breathing creatures that require oxygen(optimization) for survival and growth. And if you’re not using the latest methodology and technology to optimize your website and forge forward with a clearly defined, powerful process (not product), you’ll tumble from the high sky into the land of the unknown. Attend this session to learn the marketing 3R’s and flawless process for accelerated growth; Ruthless Prioritization, Rapid Creation and Relentless Support that will greatly boost your multiplier for growth.

Attend this session and learn how to….

— Forge a modern website optimization process that follows the 3R’s
— Adhere to the process without flaw to maximizes ROI
— Deliver on the high-performing goals you
— Pinpoint the small and large victories as the unfold