Sarah Weise

Principal, Brilliant Experience

Sarah Weise

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Sarah Weise is the Principal of Brilliant Experience, and co-founder of UX Masters Academy ( which offers advanced UX training and certifications for experienced UX practitioners and digital marketers. In her marketing career, Sarah Weise has crafted over 100 brand experiences for a wide array of commercial, government, and non-profit clients. She is passionate about delivering standout products that delight customers – products that people not only can use, but also will use. Sarah lectures at Georgetown University on digital marketing and service design, speaks at conferences worldwide including MozCon, Digital Summit, Internet Summit, Sanoma Get Tomorrow, and UXPA International. She is also published in Journal of Digital Banking and Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing.


Session Name: InstaBrain: Snap into the Minds of Gen Y and Z Customers

Session Date & Time: May 3, 2:20pm – 3:00pm

Description: How do you connect and communicate with future customers? If you don’t know this about Millennials (Gen Y) and Pivotals (Gen Z), you’ll be out of business before you can say “Insta.”

A huge shift is happening today. Even between Gen Y and Gen Z, there’s a massive difference in how customers want to find information, transact, and connect and communicate with businesses like yours.

Customer research firm Brilliant Experience has conducted millennial studies for some of the largest and most advanced companies in Silicon Valley. Ever wonder what they know?

Today, we reveal the most impactful trends to attract and engage these customers, including:

· How do they select where to go for different types of content?
· How do they learn about news?
· How many ‘selves’ do they have online?
· Where do they click?
· What draws them in?
· What keeps them coming back?

If your business wants to not just survive but thrive with the next generation of customers, this is a must-attend talk!