Sam Martin

Director of Content, Leafly

Sam Martin


Sam Martin joined Leafly as Managing Editor in 2015, becoming its Director of Content in 2016 and VP of Strategy and Business Development in 2017.

In Sam’s time at Leafly, monthly readership has increased by almost 400%. He has grown the editorial team and its monthly production exponentially, overseen the redesign of the Leafly content experience, and introduced a sponsored content program that led to consecutive years of record media sales growth. In 2017, he oversaw the launch of LeaflyTV, the site’s video-on-demand player and video content hub. LeaflyTV debuted with Growers, a production made in collaboration with the producers of Deadliest Catch.


Session Name: Case Study – Leafly’s “Organic” Strategy for Federal Restrictions

Session Date & Time: May 4, 10:20am – 11:00am

Description: In 2015, with federal cannabis laws languishing behind state regulations, Leafly’s world-leading cannabis information platform faced a big dilemma. How would the company continue to drive consumer leads without the help of SEM, Facebook, or any of the other paid promotion avenues available to most businesses?

The answer: Build a data-driven content team that made the most out of every organic content opportunity on the planet, possible only with rapid scaling of the content team and its monthly production. The challenges will be revealed, and the success shared on how Leafly has grown its audience exponentially, establishing the company’s position as the leading tech platform in the cannabis space.

Attend this session and learn it all….
· How hiring the right mix of journalists, editors, content marketers, and producers has shaped Leafly’s content production and strategy
· How non-traditional content distribution opportunities are assessed and tested
· Tactics for building Leafly’s content budget and getting it approved
· How video production can scale to maximize impact and doesn’t break the bank.
• How a sponsored content program can become crucial revenue streams