Meredith Allan

CEO, Drive Marketing

Meredith Allan


Meredith is very dedicated to helping others share their stories and debuted The Meredith Show on NBC in 2015. The show was designed to showcase her clients and the inspiring stories behind their businesses and organizations. Today you can catch her Los Angeles based show on TV, radio, and online. Meredith also hosts a live broadcast where she helps teach viewers about the power of masterminding, smart marketing, and most importantly being of service to others.

Meredith is a Marketing and Media Expert, and her passion is helping her clients grow their businesses and maximize media opportunities. Meredith became hooked on helping people with marketing after she was contracted to able to help her first client save lives in a Colon Cancer Awareness Campaign. The results were so rapid that her client (who was a doctor), raised his revenue more than a million dollars in just nine months. Now companies across the country turn to Meredith for creative high impact campaigns. Meredith really enjoys using her talent for charity and has raised enormous capital fundraising live on TV for The Make Wish Foundation and Muscular Dystrophy Association. Just a few of her clients have included brands like Marriott, The United Way, and Desert Diamond Industries.


Session Name: Amplify Yourself: The M Factor

Session Date & Time: May 4, 2:00pm – 2:40pm

Description: So many marketing goals. So little time. Especially after all you’ve absorbed all the greatness at CMC. This session offers the guidance you need to set the priorities straight to achieve ANY and ALL your personal and professional goals. It all starts with the M Factor; Mindset, Marketing and Magic– the 3 secrets to accelerate your career and make change, with one more super secret that you must know, to get in-the-know.

Attend this session learn the…

— How to get out of your comfort zone to gain the insights you need for betterment
— Master your mind to make better decisions with better information required for success
— Filter the clutter to find the magical formula that will move small mountains