Heather Dopson

Community Builder, GoDaddy

Heather Dopson
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Heather is an advocate for authenticity. She’s a catalyst for conversations worth having, and an enabler for ideas worth exploring.

On the list of her qualifications cited for her annual most interesting woman of the year nomination, her nickname “The Human API”, and role as Community Builder at Godaddy, rank second and third behind the collective testimony of thousands who Heather has selflessly connected, elevated, or otherwise served.

She’s fueled by tracking digital trends, innovation in technology, and taco trucks. She has a profound understanding of social networks, consumers and branding; and a pronounced intolerance for bullshit.

Social media, like any tool, is only as powerful as the craftsman who wields it; and Heather is an artisan. Teaching businesses how to grow by harnessing its power is Heather’s native genius.


Session Name: Case Study – Building the GoDaddy Community

Session Date & Time: May 4, 11:50am – 12:30pm

Description: Are you collecting followers like conference attendees collect water bottles? Or are you developing meaningful relationships that lead to better business opportunities? Community is a buzzword tossed around often, with little meaning on what it takes to be successful or mindfulness for the wants and needs of members. Heather to the rescue, sharing superpowers on how you can become a master architect of a community with members who are passionate, responsive, and aligned with your business and brand. You’ll learn about her role as the Community Builder at GoDaddy, and KPIs that drive success that are WAY beyond the number of social fans or followers.

In this session, you’ll learn…

— The foundations from which to build a profitable community
— Secrets to pinpoint your audience and inspire them to participate
— Methods to deepen your connections and build true relationships
— All the killer tools and platforms you need to make it all work and grow