Francesca Fiorentini

Host and Producer, Newsbroke on AJ+

Francesca Fiorentini


Francesca Fiorentini is host and producer of Newsbroke on AJ+, and is behind such viral hits like “White Fragility in the Workplace” and “How to Be The Perfect Rape Victim”. She is also a correspondent with “Explorer” on National Geographic Channel. She has been featured at SF Sketchfest, on the podcast “Lovett or Leave It”, at the Comedy Comedy Festival in LA, and in seedy bars throughout the Bay Area.


Keynote Name: Fireside Chat – Francesca Fiorentini

Keynote Date & Time: May 3, 4:55pm-5:40pm

Keynote Description: Francesca Fiorentini is a journalist, comedian and host/producer of the wildly popular show Newsbroke powered by AJ+. She is also a field correspondent with Explorer on the National Geographic Channel. The plan is to sit down for a fireside chat with CMC chair Byron White, but her stand up comic performance background may kick in with deep roots at the SF Sketchfest, the Comedy Comedy Festival in Los Angeles, and more. Strap on your morning laughing gear if available, and look for a deep dive in how she creates the kind of content that engages her audience and gets viewed and shared by millions of listeners, viewers and fans.

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