Conor Egan

Chief Customer Evangelist, Brandcast

Conor Egan


Conor is a technology and product veteran who is currently the Chief Customer Evangelist at Brandcast. He has been building creative software for marketing teams for almost 15 years. He is excited to be helping companies complete their digital transformation and empower them to tell their story for their customers in new and creative ways.


Panel Name: What’s in Your MarTech Stack?

Panel Date & Time: May 4, 11:50am – 12:30pm

Description: Join Neal Schaffer and three panelists that’ll review and discuss the the MarTech Stack used by the pros on the panel to create the type of content that moves big mountains with small budgets, saving tons of time and expense along the way. After a quick review of each panelists stack, we’ll open up the Mic for any and all to ask questions.