Brandy Lawson

Founder/Marketing Technologist, FieryFX

Brandy Lawson

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Brandy Lawson is the founder of FieryFX, a boutique digital agency, and a Chief Online Officer for-hire. Her mission is to help businesses maximize their impact and success by making the right digital decisions. Her zone of genius is connecting business goals with marketing strategies. Her super power is analogies. Sure, it’s not as impressive as teleportation, it does help audiences grasp new concepts faster than a speeding bullet.

Growth-minded businesses hire Brandy to disrupt their hit-or-miss, inconsistent marketing and rescue their online reputation because most are unintentionally hiding from Google, on the brink of getting hacked but don’t know it, and can’t convert clicks to revenue. She helps them execute a consistent, powerful digital presence that gets them the right clients, higher revenues and maximum profitability.


Session Name: Create Analytics Reports that Mere Mortals Can Read, Understand & Use (Intro to Google Data Studio)

Session Date & Time: May 4, 2:00pm – 2:40pm

Description: Proving the value of your incredible content marketing efforts doesn’t have to be difficult and time consuming! If you dread “report time,” then you owe it to your sanity to check out Google Data Studio. This free service from Google enables you to easily create custom reports from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ad Words, YouTube Analytics, and even your own databases and spreadsheets. Learn how to use Data Studio to create automatically-updating reports that clearly illustrate marketing performance, provide insights to create more impactful content and that even mere mortals can use.

Key Session Takeaways:
* Advantages of using Data Studio
* Determining if Data Studio is right for you
* How to set up a Data Studio report (starter template provided)
* Insider tips & tricks