Adam Grossman

CMO, Red Sox

Adam Grossman
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Adam Grossman brings more than a decade of experience working with premier sports franchises, including the Miami Dolphins, to his role as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for FSM and the Boston Red Sox. A marketing vanguard, Grossman is responsible for leading initiatives that strengthen clients’ connections to consumers, building innovative tools to identify and track the rapidly changing interests of today’s sports consumer, and devising creative new approaches to cultivate the next generation of fans. Grossman and his team work closely with FSM’s sales executives, providing information, insight, and ideas that help build effective ticket sales marketing programs and integrated corporate partnerships. In his role with the Red Sox, Grossman manages the club’s marketing, branding, creative content, and communications efforts.

Lunch Session: Fenway Franks with Adam Grossman

Date & Time: Apr 13 12:30pm – 1:15pm